January 22, 2018

RSU Hermina Banyumanik

Blood Donor
RSU Hermina Banyumanik conducted routine blood donor every three months together with the Indonesia Red Cross (PMI). Not only followed by the employees of RSU Hermina Banyumanik, the surrounding community also participated in the activity. The program is expected to increase PMI’s blood bag supplies. To that end, RSU Hermina Banyumanik will always support blood donor activities organized by PMI.

Exercise for Diabetes
Every month on second and fourth Saturday, the Hospital carried out diabetes exercise. It aims to make the participants be able to control blood sugar at normal level. Followed by 60 participants, the exercise was not only for diabetes patients, but also good for people who have no diabetic experience, as a way of prevention against such disease.

Baby Scales For Posyandu
RSU Hermina Banyumanik donated baby scales to a number of local posyandu (integrated health services) around the Hospital. The scale is a useful equipment to help the posyandu officers monitoring the weight growth of newborn babies.