Board of Directors

dr. H. Hasmoro, Sp.An, KIC, MHA, MM

Indonesian citizen, 75 years old, he obtained his Specialist in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care in 1996. Previously, he served as Member of Presidential Specialist Team (1987–2000). He joined the Army Hospital of Gatot Soebroto as Head Department of ICU with his last position as Deputy Director.

dr. Hasmoro, Sp.An, KIC, MHA, MM

President Director

dr. Binsar Parasian Simorangkir, Sp.OG

Managing Director – Medical and Compliance

Yulisar Khiat, SE, MARS

Managing Director – Operational and General Affairs

Aristo Setiawidjaja B.Sc., MBA

Managing Director – Finance and Strategic Development (Independent Director)