Together, we build our future…
Yes, we can make a better future together, starting from building a healthy family. By providing quality healthcare services, leading in women and children care, Hermina Hospitals are here to care for all layers of society through preventive, promoted, curative and rehabilitative healthcare program under thorough implementation of professional services and solutions. With Hermina Hospitals by your side, we are always striving to support Indonesian families by carrying our compassionate-driven service.

about us

As a business group, Hermina Hospitals offers general hospital services and has developed comprehensive services in the field of obstetric and pediatric with other supporting specialists care. In carrying out its functions, Hermina Hospitals provides its women and children care optimally and professionally, under the values of “Growth, Healthy, Long Life”. Hermina Hospitals is committed to providing services for BPJS patients to support government program in Indonesia.

Hermina in Brief

We initiated our business by establishing “Rumah Sakit Bersalin (RSB) Hermina”, a maternity hospital located on Jl. Raya Jatinegara Barat No. 126, East Jakarta, in 1985. The Hospital was originally named “Rumah Bersalin Djatinegara”, a maternity clinic with the capacity of 7 inpatient beds, founded on the initiative of Mrs. Hermina Sulaiman in 1967.

In 1970, Mrs. Hermina Sulaiman developed the Hospital with Dr. Budiono Wibowo, an Obgyn specialist, and added the capacity to become 13 inpatient beds. The name of “Rumah Bersalin Djatinegara” was then turned into “Rumah Bersalin Hermina”.

In 1983, “Yayasan Hermina”, a non-profit organization was founded to further develop the Hospital. Furthermore, the Foundation obtained a license to set up a hospital and “Rumah Sakit Bersalin Hermina” was officially established on April 25, 1985. Since 1991, the Hospital has expanded to be a maternity hospital called “Rumah Sakit Ibu dan Anak Hermina Djatinegara”.

As of the end of 2017, 28 Hermina Hospitals has been operated across 17 cities in Indonesia with the category of General Hospital. Six hospitals are in Type B and the rest is in Type C with overall capacity of 2,780 inpatient beds. Today, 25 Hermina Hospitals have been accredited by KARS with Excellent category.

group structure

hospital management structure


  • 2017



    2017: Established 4 new hospitals.
    Company restructured ownership to consolidate 28 hospitals under PT Medikaloka Hermina (MH).

    By the end of 2017:
    Number of hospitals: 28
    Number of beds: 2,780

  • 2015



    Established 2 new hospitals and acquired 1 hospital.
    2016: Hermina Tower was opened.

    By the end of 2016:
    Number of hospitals: 24
    Number of beds: 2,115

  • 2009



    Established 7 new hospitals and acquired 3 hospitals.
    2011: Opened first hospital outside Java in Palembang.
    By the end of 2014:
    Number of hospitals: 21
    Number of beds: 1,611

  • 2003



    Established 3 new hospitals and acquired 2 hospitals.
    2005: Pandanaran became the first Hermina Hospital to receive general hospital license.
    By the end of 2008:
    Number of hospitals: 11
    Number of beds: 786

  • 2000



    Established hospitals in Depok, Daan Mogot and Bogor.
    By the end of 2002:
    Number of hospitals: 6
    Number of beds: 441

  • 1999


    Changed the non-profit organization status into a corporation named PT Medikaloka Hermina (MH).

  • 1997


    Established the third hospital in Bekasi.
    By the end of 1997:
    Number of hospitals: 3
    Number of beds: 150

  • 1995


    Made the first acquisition of a hospital (Podomoro).

  • 1989


    Jatinegara was upgraded to Women & Children hospital.

  • 1985


    Established the first maternity hospital in Jatinegara.
    By the end of 1985
    Number of hospitals: 1
    Number of beds: 25