Manggala Husada Nursing Academy

Manggala Husada Nursing Academy

Manggala Husada Nursing Academy Institution is one of the Private Nursing Education Institutions that was established in 1994. Manggala Husada Nursing Academy was established under the auspices of the Government College of the Minister of Health Decree No. DL. in 1996 and was transferred to the Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education Decree No. 202 / D / T / 2006 and Region III Kopertis Study Program Permit No. No. 9787 / D / T / K-III / 2011. Manggala Husada Nursing Academy joined the Hermina Hospital in 2015 and addressed at Jl. Jatinegara Barat No 15, Jatinegara, East Jakarta.

Institutional Vision:

Becoming a Nursing Academy that excels, has character, grows, is healthy, has a long life, and is able to compete at the National level in 2030.

Institutional Mission:

  1. Organizing educational institutions that excel in the field of nursing as stipulated in the Akper Manggala Husada institutional curriculum.
  2. Organizing educational institutions that are reputable and able to compete with other institutions with sound governance so that it can last a long time.
  3. Organizing educational institutions that have innovation, are creative and can provide ideas in the world of health
  4. Organizing educational institutions that grow by adding health study programs in accordance with community needs and advances in science and technology accompanied by increased facilities and infrastructure.
  5. Organizing educational institutions that have healthy organizations by prioritizing excellent service in implementing noble values ​​(honest, disciplined, friendly, confident and responsible) on an ongoing basis in each generation within the Manggala Husada Nursing Academy institution, especially for students and alumni.
  6. Carry out research related to nursing and the development of science and technology.
  7. Carry out services related to nursing and science and technology development.

For registration information, visit the official website of Manggala Husada Nursing Academy.

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