5 Types of Eye Diseases That Often Occur

5 Types of Eye Diseases That Often Occur

Eyes and Their Diseases Hermina's best friend, the eye is the human sense which is the main sensory organ of light detection that sends information in visual form to the brain with the ability to distinguish between color and depth.Therefore, about 75% of the information you receive comes from the eyes. 

Therefore it is not an exaggeration to say that the eye is the "window to the world." If you experience some of the following problematic eye symptoms, you should be vigilant and should see a doctor.Symptoms there are problems in the eye organs, namely:

1. Eyes Tense / feeling tired, accompanied by heat and water

2. Red Eye

3.Difficult to see at night

4. Can't distinguish colors

5. Blurring when looking far / near

6. See flashes of light, black shadows or like curtains

7. Seeing the lights shaded like a rainbow 8.Pain in the eyes to headaches Various Eye Diseases Various eye diseases need to be considered by everyone. The eyes are a vital human organ that is used to see and do activities.

Therefore, do not let eye diseases become an obstacle to activity. Red eye complaints are usually caused by allergies, infections, trauma or lack of eye moisture which results in the eyes becoming dry so that they feel painful. Too much focus on looking at objects excessively can also make the eyes dry. 

This can happen if you look at the computer screen too much, watch television, or play gadgets. Cataract disease is the most frequent eye disease that interferes with vision function due to turbidity that occurs in the lens of the eye, so that vision becomes blurred. This disease is a degenerative disease that often occurs due to old age. Although in the use of certain medications or in people with certain diseases such as Diabetes Mellitus / diabetes, cataracts can appear faster this can happen to either eye or both eyes at once.

Glaucoma is damage to the eye nerves due to increased pressure on the eyeball. This increased eyeball pressure occurs due to disturbances in the eye fluid flow system. A person suffering from this condition can feel symptoms in the form of visual impairment, pain in the eyes, headaches and sometimes accompanied by red eyes. 

Glaucoma can be inherited or occur due to complications of other eye diseases. Presbyopia is a condition of the eye that gradually loses the ability to focus, to see objects at close range

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