How to Teach Babies to Sleep Alone

How to Teach Babies to Sleep Alone

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Realize it or not, actually...
Breastfeeding or being near Mother is a natural instinct for your little one to survive.

The birth of the little one in the world is the moment of his transfer from the "first home", namely the mother's womb to a new world that is so foreign to him.

VERY NORMAL, if then he often feels anxious, scared, sad when he is far away from his mother, his first home as well as his most comfortable zone in the world.
This is a natural phase that every human being goes through, so... shouldn't we "go against the laws of nature" just because left and right say,

"Don't be carried in/carried on, your child will be spoiled."

It's the same as when we're feeling scared, anxious or sad, and then it feels like we want to be accompanied by other people. I feel restless when I am not entertained by others.
Or can't even sleep if you're not accompanied by other people?

Have you ever experienced it, bud?

For newborns, this is natural. Babies love to feel the warmth and smell of their skin, to be held and held, especially by their mother. But we also need to teach babies healthy sleeping habits, Moms. Lindsay Mizrahi, MA, CCC-SLP, founder of The Pediatric Sleep Consultant in the United States through her blog explains this.
"Don't let the baby just sleep in your arms. In the future, this can be a problem. For the sake of their health too, babies need to be taught to be able to sleep in various other places," said Mizrahi.

How to?
First of all, understand why your little one likes to sleep in your arms. This is because the baby is still used to a comfortable life in the womb and doesn't like being away from his mother.
"The first few months of a newborn's life are often referred to as the 'fourth trimester,'" explains Mizrahi. "In this trimester, babies need a lot of mother's closeness and warmth to sleep because that's all they know for nine months in the womb! (This is also the reason) babies often fall asleep in the mother's arms during breastfeeding, because sucking is naturally soothing."
So don't force the baby to sleep alone, Moms. Do it slowly and gradually.
"Try to put the baby to bed while the baby is awake or sleepy, but it's okay if the baby is asleep," Mizrahi says. But make sure the bedroom is safe, comfortable and has a supportive atmosphere. For example, not noisy, quite cool and dim.

In essence, put the baby in the crib or bed before he gets too tired, sleepy and finally falls asleep in your arms.
"If you put it on after the baby is tired, sleepy and fussy, it's too late. A tired and cranky baby would want to find peace in a hug or a sling!"
What if it doesn't work?
"Don't give up, there's always room for improvement, and it's never too late. Try again at bedtime. The more you try, the more your baby will be trained and the easier it will be for him to get used to it," she adds.
Another thing that is also important to try in teaching the baby healthy sleeping habits is to make the baby follow a regular routine or cycle. For example, create an eating-play-sleeping pattern that repeats itself several times a day.
"This cycle will help your baby learn to sleep independently," says Mizrahi.

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