Have a History of Miscarriages These are the causes and remedies.

Have a History of Miscarriages These are the causes and remedies.

Do you know Hermina's friend? 1 in 6 couples in Indonesia have experienced a miscarriage. Miscarriage is one of the dreams of a partner in having children, especially when it occurs repeatedly. This becomes a fear for couples and potential partners. What should we do so that later, when we try to get pregnant again, there will be no repeated miscarriages? And what are the signs we need to watch out for?

First, we need to know what the definition of miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage is. Friends of Hermina, a miscarriage terminated at the age of less than 20 weeks and a birth weight of less than 500 grams with signs such as heartburn, bleeding, and opening of the cervix. Some studies say that a miscarriage that can be said to be a recurrent miscarriage is a miscarriage that occurs three times. However, it is better not to wait until the third time. If there have been two miscarriages, Friends of Hermina must immediately consult a gynecologist. What are the causes of recurrent miscarriage?


Factors that influence the occurrence of recurrent miscarriage:

  1. Fetal factors: 

Chromosomal abnormalities. Chromosomes come from eggs and sperm, meaning that the quality of sperm and eggs can affect the occurrence of chromosomal abnormalities and cause repeated miscarriages. Egg quality can be influenced by maternal age, while sperm quality can be influenced by other factors such as the habit of smoking, the habit of wearing tight clothes, or being exposed to heat on the testicles.


  1. Mother Factor

  • Uterus shape

  • Weakness of the cervix

  • Metabolic disorders

  • Autoimmune disorders

  • Blood clotting disorders

  • Reproductive hormone disorders


What tests are necessary to stop repeated miscarriages?

  1. Ultrasound analysis (USG)

This test is performed to check for uterine anomalies.

  1. Blood Test

Blood tests are performed to check for uterine infections, autoimmune diseases, diabetic difficulties, and blood clotting issues. Additionally, blood tests are advised for Husbands.

  1. Sperm Evaluation

This test is carried out to determine the sperm's quality.

Use a Healthful Lifestyle

Especially in women, lifestyle is one of the main causes of recurrent miscarriage. Lifestyle factors including rapid weight gain, being overweight or obese, being overly stressed, sleeping little or not at all, eating poorly, and avoiding diseases like rubella and German measles all contribute to metabolic problems. Along with abstaining from alcohol and tobacco use, men should also maintain a healthy lifestyle. Both the mother and the father need to follow a healthy lifestyle for that.

If Hermina's friend miscarries, don't lose heart, Hermina's friend. With an investigation to determine the cause, mothers who have had several miscarriages can still become pregnant and give birth to healthy kids. Don't forget to talk to your doctor to determine the cause so that the pregnancy can be maintained and the desired child can join the family in a healthy way.

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