Are you a smoker ? Be careful COPD !

Are you a smoker ? Be careful COPD !

Disease Lungs obstruction Chronic (COPD) is disease no become contagious  problem health Public our moment this. COPD is caused by many things thing, however most common cause of COPD occur that is because smoking. Condition COPD doesn't can considered trivial because disease this attack lungs and very dangerous impact, even can cause  death. Ironically, causation main disease this it turns out is habit smoking.

Somebody can contracted COPD because exists subsequent inflammation of the lungs develop in period long time and causes Genre air from lungs hindered. COPD sufferers always experience difficulty breathe because exists swelling and mucus or phlegm in the channel breathing COPD sufferers.

Risk COPD cases increase with age old or elderly and active smoke in period long time. COPD attacks people who smoke in a manner active nor passive as consequence from inhaled cigarette smoke.

kindly general process of cigarettes that can be cause damage channel breathing is because it 's in cigarette smoke there is thousand substance as dangerous as it can be damage our health

Substances dangerous there  in cigarette the enter channel breathing next stick to the channel breathing, which is slow gradually could piled up in the channel respiration so that cause infection. Temporary that more lender production increase lots and conditions it's very supportive for developer culture germs. If condition the occur Keep going continuously so will occur inflammation and narrowing channel breath as well as decrease elasticity channel breathing and lungs. Big its small intensity and time exposure substances dangerous in cigarette smoke will take effect to condition channel breathing. The more often exposed to cigarette smoke so will speed up happening damage channel breathing. Condition this is what causes smoker susceptible have COPD.

COPD develops in a manner slowly and no show symptom stage special  early. COPD symptoms appear when already occur significant damage to the lungs.

a number usual symptoms  experienced by COPD sufferers  cough no visit heal as you can accompanied phlegm, shortness of breath ( esp moment To do activity physical ), weight loss, chest pain, wheezing, and weakness.

For prevent COPD, one very important thing for conducted that is with stop smoke totally and also avoid exposure to cigarette smoke. Besides that should avoid other possible causes cause COPD like exposure dust as well as pollution air, and do not forget for apply pattern life clean and healthy.

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