What is Strawberry Generation

What is Strawberry Generation

There are many terms embedded for each existing generation. One of them is the popular term that is warmly discussed, namely the Strawberry Generation.The Strawberry generation is a generation that is full of creative ideas but gives up easily and is easily brittle like a strawberry, which is where this strawberry generation originally came from Taiwan.

Reason The Rise of the Strawberry Generation

From the emergence of this generation, self-diagnosis is too early without involving experts. assumes things on social media that are related to themselves, thus causing this generation to become easily vulnerable, stressed, and difficult to deal with problems.

One of the triggers is that the parenting style that tends to be overprotective also makes children less space to make their own decisions.

Narratives of parents who are less knowledgeable, such as calling their child "moody" or prone to mood swings. This eventually becomes a label for the child that has an impact on him becoming an adult.

Many of today's generations find it easier to run from difficulties than to face and solve their problems. An example of what happens is when a teenager gets a school assignment and is unable to complete it properly, they tend to be stressed and feel pressured. then sometimes it takes time to ''healing'' or rest as a form of self-reward.

Several alternative solutions to the phenomena that occur in this generation: 

Validating the child's emotional condition, for example, so that parents understand what is the child's difficulty and continue to support it by listening wholeheartedly without any judgmental sentences thrown out

Parents can also play a role by giving responsibility to children by providing options for children to practice skills (upgrade themselves).

Every generation has its own way of expressing both in terms of work and choosing a career in life in the future. Today's generation grew up with the instant convenience offered by technology. The ease of technology must be utilized to become a stronger person.

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