What is Cerumen Prop?

What is Cerumen Prop?

Have you ever felt your ears feel full? There could be a buildup of cerumen prop in your ear.

The following is an explanation of cerumen props for you.

Definition of Serumen Prop

Cerumen Prop is dirt in the ear that clogs. This dirt can usually accumulate and clump hard, causing ear congestion. Clogged ears due to the accumulation of dirt in the form of cerumen prop can trigger hearing loss. Accumulation of cerumen occurs as a result of cleaning the wrong ear so that it can push dirt into the ear. Therefore, it is necessary to take action to remove dirt in the form of cerumen so that serious complications do not occur.

Earwax, also known as cerumen, has the function of protecting the hearing organ from foreign objects trying to enter the ear and ear infections. If the ear has a buildup of wax, it will hinder the function of the ear canal for listening.

Dirt in the ear or cerumen is caused by the oil glands that are produced in the ear canal. Cerumen has the function of cleaning the ear from germs, foreign bodies, and small dust. Another function of cerumen is to inhibit the growth of bacteria in the ear canal so that no infection occurs in the ear.

Earwax or cerumen can come out on its own so normally it doesn't need to be cleaned frequently. However, in abnormal conditions, this cerumen is difficult to get out so that it can accumulate causing disturbances or complaints in the form of hearing loss and discomfort in the ears.

Experiencing a buildup of cerumen prop

Cerumen prop or experiencing impaction or excessive accumulation of cerumen causes hearing loss in the form of conductive deafness. Earwax or cerumen is a normal secretion from the ceruminous and sebaceous glands originating from the outer 1/3 of the human auditory canal. This cerumen consists of glycopeptides, lipids, hyaluronic acid, sialic acid, lysosomal enzymes, and immunoglobulins. The function of cerumen is to provide protection to the ear by maintaining the acid balance in the auditory external canal and lubricating the canal and has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Accumulation of cerumen can quickly be caused by the anatomical shape of the narrowing of the canal in the ear. Diagnosing wax buildup can be characterized by symptoms of otalgia, experiencing tinnitus, vertigo, coughing, experiencing itching and fullness in the ears and experiencing hearing loss. When experiencing a buildup of cerumen, it can result in an ear infection or otitis externa which is marked and accompanied by other symptoms such as itching, pain, and even the ear feels full.

The cause of cerumen prop

Cerumen or earwax is produced by the oil glands in the ear. The function of this cerumen can catch foreign objects that damage the structure of the ear. This earwax can actually come out by itself under normal conditions. But do not rule out when the ear does not normally secrete dirt causing the buildup of the dirt. Earwax is called cerumen prop. Experiencing cerumen prop can occur by identifying several causes. Cerumen The following causes are like.

  •     Experiencing excessive earwax production
  •     Earwax or cerumen is dry and hard
  •     Has a habit of inserting foreign objects into the ear canal
  •     Use of cotton buds, earplugs, and hearing aids
  •     Digging the ear too deep so that the wax is pushed in
  •     Experiencing narrowing of the ear canal
  •     An infection in the ear

Symptoms of Cerumen Prop

Accumulation of dirt or cerumen can be characterized by several symptoms such as:

    Feeling itchy ears
    Ear hurts
    Experiencing ringing in the ears
    Experiencing vertigo or dizziness
    Have hearing loss or difficulty hearing
    Ears feel blocked and full.
    Experiencing ringing in the ears or known as tinnitus
    Ears give off an unpleasant odor.

Handles buildup of cerumen prop

Cerumen that accumulates causes hearing loss. therefore, the hearing function will experience abnormalities. If you have experienced a buildup of dirt, it needs to be given proper treatment. Here are some treatments to deal with wax buildup.

1. Doctor's examination

Cerumen buildup causes the ear to not be able to hear properly. therefore, check with an ENT doctor to make sure the cerumen can be removed so you don't experience complications in the ear. The doctor will help to clean the ears and remove wax that hardens and accumulates.

2. Use of ear drops

Several types of ear drops can be used to treat wax buildup in mild conditions. This type of ear drops to remove earwax contains mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, baby oil and glycerin to soften hard earwax so that it is easier to remove.

3. Using cerumenolitic fluid

Cerumenolytic liquid is a liquid solution to help dilute, soften, break, and dissolve cerumen prop. The concentration of the cerumenolytic is in the form of a water or oil based solution. Some of the contents of this liquid are like other ear drops such as hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, sodium docusate, and sodium bicarbonate. Other ingredients or contents of cerumenolitic fluids are peanut oil, olive oil, and almond oil.

The dosage used to use this liquid is five drops twice a day for 3 to 7 days. This fluid works by releasing oxygen to soften and push wax to come out of the ear. The content of this liquid will provide an antibacterial effect that can help clean the bacteria in the ear

4. Ear irrigation

The last way to deal with cerumen is with ear irrigation. Ear irrigation can be done using the warm water method which is then given hydrogen peroxide in an equal 1:1 ratio. The fluid is then put into a small device and inserted into the ear canal. Don't forget to prepare a place like a basin for fluid collection after inserting it into the ear. This ear irrigation system can be taken orally.

5. Manual extraction

Removal of cerumen by manual extraction requires special tools and good visualization and cooperation between the patient and the doctor. Removal of cerumen by extraction is carried out using metal or plastic circles or spoons. However, it should be noted that this action is more risky to hearing.

This is information about cerumen prop or earwax. Hopefully the information provided can help Hermina's friends at home.

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