What causes wisdom teeth to grow crookedly?

What causes wisdom teeth to grow crookedly?

Wisdom teeth that grow later often cause complaints when they grow, even growing crookedly, or impaction. Impacted teeth are the condition of teeth that cannot erupt or grow in their position because they are blocked by something such as tissue or neighboring teeth, causing medical problems and discomfort ranging from mild to severe discomfort that requires further action. Apart from that, impacted teeth can also occur due to the narrow size of the jaw.

Factors Causing Tooth Impaction

  1. The size of the jaw arch is narrow, so the teeth cannot erupt properly.
    Children in the teething period whose milk teeth do not fall out until the space that should be in the milk teeth is replaced by permanent teeth and is blocked by milk teeth, thereby reducing the space for permanent teeth to grow.
  2. In the mixed dentition period, namely at the age when children change teeth, the primary teeth are damaged so that the teeth fall out too quickly and the permanent teeth do not have a guide to erupt, so they can grow deviantly, to the left or right, not in the position they should be.
  3. The tooth bud jar and the position of the tooth when it comes out are quite far away.
  4. Pathological tissue growth around tooth growth that can prevent tooth growth


What are the characteristics of tooth impaction?

  1. Pain occurs, but the source of the pain is often not found. This is usually caused by the blocked tooth growth process.
  2. Swelling that occurs in the gum area
  3. Opening the mouth is limited because there is an infection.

If Friends of Hermina experience the above complaints, immediately consult the nearest dentist or dentist who specializes in oral surgery and carry out clinical and radiographic examinations to get appropriate treatment.

Friends of Hermina, if you experience complaints, immediately have your teeth checked at the nearest general dentist or the oral surgery clinic at Hermina CIputat Hospital to get the right treatment as early as possible.

Listen to drg. Muhammad Syakuran, Sp.BM, FICS about tooth impaction on OBSERVASI HERMINA on the Hermina Hospitals Youtube Channel (click here).



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