What Should You Do When There Is a Lump In The Neck ?

What Should You Do When There Is a Lump In The Neck ?

A lump appears on the neck? What should I do to treat it? A lump that appears on the neck is often called a "neck mass." The size can be large or very small. These lumps are mostly harmless. Even though it's not dangerous, this could be a sign that something serious is happening to Hermina's best friend's body. For example, maybe there is an infection or maybe there is a cancer that is secretly growing. So, what causes a lump in the neck, what are the symptoms, and what should be done when a lump appears in the neck? Here's the discussion:


Causes of Lumps That Appear on the Neck

Lumps that appear on the neck can be caused by several conditions. These conditions include :

  • Infectious mononucleosis

  • Nodul tiroid

  • Branchial cleft cyst

  • Goiter

  • Limfoma Hodgkin

  • Limfoma non-Hodgkin

  • Tonsillitis

  • Thyroid cancer

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Lipomas and others

Usually, this lump in the neck can be hard or soft in texture. Hermina's friends can find these lumps in or under the skin. Apart from that, lumps in the neck can also come from tissues and organs in the neck.

The place of origin of the lump is an important sign in determining what the cause of the lump is. Some places where lumps often appear are usually in :

  •  Lymph nodes

  • Parathyroid glands

  • Thyroid gland

  •  Neck muscles

  • Trachea

  •  Laryngeal nerves

  • Larynx

  •  Cervical spine

  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems

  •  Salivary glands

  •  Brachial plexus

  •  veins and arteries

Of the several causes and origins of a lump in the neck, the most common cause is enlarged lymph nodes. This is because the lymph nodes have cells that can help the body fight infection. This includes attacking cancerous cells. The cause of swollen lymph nodes is usually due to :

  •  Presence of a sinus infection

  •  Ear infections

  •  Inflammation of the tonsils

  • Throat inflammation

  •  Occurrence of infection in the teeth

  • There is a bacterial infection on the scalp.


Symptoms that appear and are related to a lump in the neck

Many symptoms can arise as a result of a lump in the neck. The reason is that there are many conditions or diseases that can be the cause. The symptoms that appear are different for each person. There are even those who do not feel any symptoms. A sore throat is one of the symptoms that can occur as a result of an infection or swollen lymph nodes. In addition, it can also be difficult when swallowing or cause pain in the ear. If this lump in the neck interferes with the airway, friends of Hermina may find it difficult to breathe. It's also possible that Hermina's best friend's voice will turn hoarse when she's talking. Symptoms that appear if a lump in the neck is due to cancer are usually marked by skin changes around the lump. Not only that, symptoms in the form of blood or phlegm in the saliva can also occur.


Here's what to do when you have a lump in your neck

When you feel a lump in your neck, it's a good idea for Hermina's friend to see a doctor. Especially ENT specialists. Before the examination, the doctor will usually inquire about Friends of Hermina's medical history, including their lifestyle and the symptoms they are experiencing. Besides that, the doctor will usually also ask about the habits of Hermina's friends, such as whether they smoke or consume alcohol. After getting clear information from the Friends of Hermina, the doctor will carry out a physical examination.

The appearance of a lump in the neck can indeed happen to anyone. Therefore, what Hermina's friends have to do is see a doctor as early as possible. The goal is that the doctor can immediately detect what is causing the lump that appears in the neck.

With fast detection, the Friends of Hermina can immediately receive treatment from a doctor. Especially if the lump in the neck is the result of a serious condition. So, consult immediately if Hermina's friend has a lump in the neck with a specialist at the hospital. Hermina's family and friends can also consult with a hospital specialist online. Hermina with the Hello Hermina app.

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