Are Lumps That Arise Suddenly Dangerous ?

Are Lumps That Arise Suddenly Dangerous ?

When they see a part of the body where a lump suddenly appears, many immediately panic and suspect the cause. Despite the fact that there are dangerous lumps and those that are not, this sign should not be ignored. Lumps that appear can be a signal that there are organs that are not working properly. When getting a lump on the body, you should not panic. Panic can actually be harmful to one's health due to inability to sleep, decreased appetite, and a weakened immune system. 


Identify Sudden Lumps 

Tumors are lumpy growths that can appear anywhere on the body, including the back, hands, neck, and others. The appearance of a lump can occur due to injury, infection, inflammation, or abnormal cell growth. A doctor performs the most accurate detection after examining the patient with a tool appropriate for the condition. It is best to come to the health center immediately after finding any unusual body parts. However, for early anticipation, detection can be done by paying attention to the condition of the lump. Here's how to tell whether a lump is dangerous or not.

1. Time appears

When some children are born, they have congenital lumps in various parts of their bodies. If it doesn't get bigger, it's usually harmless. Hemangioma is the medical term for this condition. Congenital lumps will shrink and disappear with the growth of the child. However, as a precaution and to keep your mind at ease, you can do it intensively at a doctor's office or clinic. 

2. Cause

Lumps can be dangerous or not depending on the cause. On parts of the body that hit or fall and experience bruising, it is not uncommon to cause a lump. Lumps like this are not dangerous. The pain will disappear along with the disappearance of the lump. What needs to be done is to relieve pain by compressing it.

3. Infection

Not infrequently, after a lump occurs, it will become infected and ooze pus. This indicates a wound that may not be visible. It is best to treat the infection immediately by taking antibiotics. This type of lump followed by the appearance of pus is usually called a boil or abscess. If it has spread and the infection has spread, the doctor will perform a small operation to clean and treat the wound. This treatment is quite easy and fast, so for those who have an infection, as long as it is treated quickly, it will not have a negative impact on their health.

4. Characteristics

Based on their characteristics, there are two types of lumps. First, if you hold the lump, it feels hard and rough. In addition, the part of the body that has a lump is moving and causing pain. The surface is rough and grows fast. This type of lump is included in the dangerous category. Because of that, you should immediately consult a doctor. Conversely, some bumps are soft to the touch, like the rest of the skin. The affected part is still easy to move. If it hurts, it's usually due to the impact that caused the lump to appear. After a few days, it will shrink and eventually disappear, even without treatment.

5. Symptoms

Symptoms or conditions that accompany the appearance of a lump can be concerning, whether or not they are dangerous. In conditions caused by cancer or cell damage, lumps that appear are accompanied by several signs. Sufferers will usually experience prolonged weakness, lethargy, fever, and weight loss. It is not uncommon to lose your appetite. These symptoms are an indication that the lump is cancer that must be treated immediately before it spreads. Apart from cancer, lumps can also appear due to a buildup of glands, such as in the lymph, which is quite dangerous. Self-awareness of the appearance of a lump can facilitate healing and detect its cause. Knowledge of how to distinguish between dangerous and non-dangerous lumps is important to anticipate so that health problems can be treated immediately. If you find a lump in a part of your body, you should immediately do the detection yourself by paying attention to the symptoms and feelings and the consequences that arise.


Are Lumps That Appear Suddenly Dangerous ?

Usually, a dangerous lump does not appear immediately but starts with a mark on a certain part of the body. This type of lump is dangerous because it appears small at first but then grows in size. When you find a lump on a part of your body, you should immediately find out the cause. Conversely, a harmless lump can appear immediately large, as in the case of an impact bruise. Therefore, by paying attention to its appearance, one can predict whether it is dangerous or not.

Due to the emergence of small and enlarged tumors, it is not uncommon for patients to pay less attention and not immediately go to the doctor for an examination. This is what causes many cases to be late for medical treatment. Instead, always pay attention to the body, changes in taste, and indications that appear. The faster the treatment, the easier it is to recover. Lumps that appear suddenly are usually harmless. But there's nothing wrong with dealing with one immediately if you find one. Treatment of this condition depends on the cause. Because it is critical to know as soon as possible so that you can administer the appropriate treatment. 

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