Do hernias need surgery immediately?

Do hernias need surgery immediately?

A hernia is a protrusion of an organ or part of an organ through a slit or a hole, but ordinary people often refer to a hernia as a hernia. It turns out that prolapse is a hernia that occurs in the groin, or in medical language, an inguinal hernia. Hernias can occur in a variety of locations, not just the groin, as it is commonly known. For example, in the navel, lay people often call it a bulging navel; this is a hernia condition called an umbilical hernia. There is also a hernia location in the former surgery, which is also called an incisional hernia. So the location signifies the name of the hernia itself. So the hernia doesn't just go down. OK, Hermina friends!

Early signs of a hernia
Hernias are characterized by the presence of lumps that can go in and out, which means they can disappear and appear. For example, if you engage in strenuous activities, what was once a small lump grows larger. 

Causes of inguinal hernia or descending
Descending is a hernia that is quite common. Here are the causes:

  • muscle weakness
  • High pressure in the stomach can be caused by a long history of coughing, difficult bowel movements, or blocked urination.
  • Work, such as lifting heavy objects, has been going on for a long time.

Gender is a risk factor for miscarriage. Indeed, childbirth is often found in men. However, women can also experience vaginal discharge.

When is it time for a hernia to be operated on?
When the patient has been diagnosed with a hernia, it is advisable to have surgery immediately to close the road or gap, which is an anatomical abnormality that causes the hernia to occur. If it is postponed, the operation that was originally planned risks turning into an emergency operation. For example, a hernia that has clamped the intestines or blood vessels In cases like this, of course, it cannot be delayed and surgery must be carried out immediately. The complaints that were felt were not bearable anymore.

Can Hernia Surgery Affect Fertility in Men?

In the Hermina Talks program, dr. Ferdy Mayo, Sp.B., M.Kes said that if the hernia is a lump that is too big but has not been operated on, the lump can press on the sperm ducts, which in turn interferes with fertility. And if it has been operated on, there is also a risk of injury to the sperm duct, which is caused by a groin that is no longer clear due to the hernia lump that was too big earlier. So indirectly, hernias can affect fertility in men.



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