To overcome anxiety disorders, take these steps

To overcome anxiety disorders, take these steps

Physical health is influenced not only by food intake, quality of rest, and activity but also by psychological factors. Anxiety disorders, which are often faced by many people, are important things that can reduce health. Therefore, this problem must receive immediate treatment so that it does not cause someone to fall ill. 

To deal with anxiety disorders that often arise, it is necessary to know the cause first. Different causes of anxiety may require different treatments. The sooner this disorder is detected, the easier it is to handle.


Causes of anxiety disorders

Anxiety disorders can occur at certain times, for example, when going for an exam, facing a new atmosphere, selecting work, and others. Actually, anxiety is an early indication of the emergence of stress because the mind is forced to focus on one cause or condition at a time.

Anxiety is a mental disorder that can have serious consequences. Even though anyone can experience it, excessive anxiety can be fatal. If it appears until it is difficult to control, anxiety can interfere with various activities that make a person's quality of life drop drastically. Causes of anxiety include :

  1. Traumatic experience

Bad events that happen to someone can cause excessive anxiety. An extraordinary feeling of fear will arise if someone who has experienced mental stress meets the trigger again.
Anxiety disorders can appear at any time when you remember the events that have happened to you. To handle it requires gradual action, and it can take a long time.

  1. Because of heredity

Psychological health problems, including anxiety, can be passed on from parents to their children. This type of health disorder requires patience and intensive action so that sufferers can be healthy and not experience mental problems anymore.

  1. Personality disorders

Many things can cause personality disorders, such as experiencing successive failures or disasters, not being able to achieve the expected goals, and so on. This type of disorder will be easily cured if the sufferer is willing to let go of the burden gradually and continuously.

  1. Side effects due to the consumption of certain drugs

Consumption of certain drugs and drinks can cause excessive anxiety. This is a reaction from the ingredients in the drug that the body responds to. Usually, this disorder can be reduced after the patient minimizes the consumption of these drugs. 

  1. As a congenital effect of the disease

Anxiety disorders can appear when a person suffers from certain diseases. Because there is a disturbance in the performance of the body's organs that affects a person's mentality, he becomes depressed and easily experiences excessive anxiety.


Symptoms and Ways to Overcome Anxiety

There are several symptoms that appear when a person has an anxiety disorder. From these symptoms, appropriate actions or steps can be determined to deal with them so that the disorder can disappear immediately. The following are symptoms of anxiety that often occur :

  1. Panic

Panic that appears with various intensities not only makes you mentally or psychologically disturbed, but your body can drop. The frequency and level of panic experienced by each patient can vary. Some of the commonly seen signs are :

  • Excessive sweating

  • The chest feels tight

  • Pounding

  • Afraid

  • Shiver

  • Felt like having a heart attack

Panic attacks can occur at any time and usually last 10 minutes or more. In more severe conditions, panic can last for up to an hour or more. To overcome this, you can sit down, close your eyes, and then inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Do it repeatedly until you feel relaxed. If you've been doing it for some time but the feeling of panic hasn't gone away, seek medical help immediately. Usually, the doctor will give medication in the form of psychotherapy.

  1. Social anxiety

This disorder often occurs when a person interacts with many people, both before, during, and after the interaction. Usually, people who experience this disorder do not dare to speak in public. Someone who suffers from social anxiety is always afraid of making a mistake that makes him ashamed. Symptoms :

  • Low self-confidence

  • Uncomfortable in public places

  • Worried about being criticized

  • Avoid meeting and making eye contact with people

How to deal with social anxiety symptoms with cognitive behavioral therapy and always being around supportive people In addition, if it is severe enough, the doctor will usually prescribe antidepressants. 

  1. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

This third type is usually experienced by someone over the long term, for example, 6 to 12 months. The trigger can be due to personal problems such as health, finances, or work that is not as expected. Symptoms that often appear are :

  • Excessive sweating

  • Strained muscles

  • It's easy to get angry

  • Get dizzy

  • Tired for no reason

  • Frequent urination

For sufferers of these symptoms, the way to deal with them can be through psychotherapy or the consumption of certain drugs or supplements. But evoking a feeling of security and comfort is far more important as a treatment step than taking drugs.

Some symptoms of anxiety disorders can appear in everyone. Being calm and controlling your feelings so you can think positively is very important so that everyone can deal with anxiety disorders independently so they don't need to take medication. If Hermina's friends experience symptoms of anxiety disorders, immediately consult a psychiatrist at the nearest Hermina Hospital. Friends can also consult online through the Halo Hermina application.

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