Let's Know What Are the Benefits of Using Braces

Let's Know What Are the Benefits of Using Braces

Braces or commonly referred to as stirrups are wire-based devices used by orthodontists to correct uneven teeth or jaws and overlapping teeth. The main purpose of installing these braces is to align the teeth and jaw so that they can bite food properly and produce a beautiful smile. But keep in mind, that Friends of Hermina can't just install it. It requires a thorough examination by a dentist, before the device can be installed in the oral cavity.


Don't Get Braces Just For Fashion

Using braces is the right step to overcome a messy arrangement of teeth. As long as Sahabat Hermina undergoes this procedure at the dentist, the doctor can adjust the treatment steps, as well as the type of braces, according to the conditions. Unfortunately, nowadays there are many services for installing braces by people who are not dentists. This is of course worrying. This is because there are various risks due to placing braces in the wrong position, or with an inappropriate type. Imagine, if the coveted neat teeth are not achieved, and the teeth are getting messy. This treatment is highly not recommended, if the goal is just to be stylish, or follow existing trends. If the teeth are neatly arranged and then braces are attached, then there is a possibility that the arrangement of the teeth will actually shift, and make it messy.


Why Should You Have Braces?

Braces serve as a support so that the teeth grow where they should and do not interfere with the growth of other teeth or gums. The installation of these braces besides being able to tidy up the tooth structure, can ultimately have a good impact on oral health and dental hygiene as well. In addition, the following three reasons are generally considered why someone needs braces:

  1. Position the front teeth forward.
  2. The shape of the teeth is messy and irregular so it often scratches the gums and scratches the teeth and causes inflammation.
  3. Disorganized tooth structure gives speech articulation problems.
  4. A messy tooth structure can cause abnormalities in the jaw joints which result in pain when opening the mouth and chewing food.


Benefits of Using Braces

Braces are used to correct a variety of dental problems and provide a number of benefits. The main advantages of using braces such as:

  1. Improve dental health

Orthodontic problems such as uneven teeth, plaque, irregular teeth, improper bite patterns, bacteria, gum disease, and others can be overcome by using braces. Braces will align the tooth structure in the most appropriate way and this can improve dental hygiene.

  1. Protect teeth

People who have an uneven bite pattern or other orthodontic problems have a higher risk of having harmful impacts on the teeth, such as protruding front teeth, and early decay or problems with teeth. Therefore, people who experience this need a strong shield to protect the teeth. Braces act as a protector against these adverse effects, and at the same time maintain healthy teeth.

  1. Solve the problem of eating

Many people have difficulty chewing or biting their food. This is caused by crooked teeth. If this is not corrected, it will cause nutritional and digestive problems. Therefore, you can use stirrup to solve your eating problem.

  1. Have a beautiful smile and straight teeth

It is common knowledge that braces can improve the overall appearance of the teeth. Once crooked and irregular teeth are corrected, the result is a beautiful smile.


The overall effect of this change will also increase the self-confidence of Friends of Hermina, so that Friends of Hermina will freely express themselves openly without hesitation or embarrassment. Come on, don't hesitate to consult the dental health of Friends of Hermina to the Orthodontic Specialist Dentist at Hermina Podomoro Hospital.

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