The Danger of Tartar If Allowed to Build Up!

The Danger of Tartar If Allowed to Build Up!

Danger of tartar if allowed to accumulate!

Tartar is a very common dental health problem and is often underestimated by many people. In fact, there are still many people who pay less attention to dental hygiene. What's more, if there are bacteria from food scraps that are still attached to the teeth, they will form plaque which eventually becomes hard and causes tartar.

Therefore, tartar should not be left alone because there are various kinds of diseases that can arise due to accumulated tartar. If the teeth are not cleaned properly, the remaining food bacteria will continue to stick to the teeth.

Causes of the appearance of tartar

Did you know that improper brushing and excessive salivation can cause tartar to appear? Well, the mistake of brushing your teeth causes leftover food bacteria to still stick to your teeth due to not being clean when brushing your teeth. The arrangement of teeth that are not neat and spaced can also trigger a buildup of tartar. Tartar that has been formed cannot be removed just by brushing your teeth. This must be handled by a dentist to help clean tartar using a special tool.
Impact of Tartar If Allowed to Build Up

Tartar that is not cleaned and left alone without special treatment can cause health problems, especially the mouth. The following is information on the impact of tartar if allowed to accumulate:

    Inflammation of the gums

If allowed to accumulate, can trigger inflammation of the gums which is commonly called gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. When gingivitis has hit and the tartar hasn't been cleaned, it won't last long and you will experience periodintitis. Periodontitis is a gum infection that damages the teeth, soft tissue and bone supporting the teeth. Periodontitis must be treated immediately because it can cause serious complications.

    A gathering place for bacteria

Tartar can have serious effects on oral health, especially if it appears above the gum line. Because there is a perfect place for bacteria to nest. Then the bacteria enter the gums and damage them and cause the gums to experience irritation and inflammation.

    Teeth become brittle easily

When there is inflammation of the gums, the body's defense system will react against the bacteria in the pus pockets on the teeth. But bacteria will also release self-defense substances. This condition causes the teeth and surrounding tissues to be damaged. If it continues to be left like that, the teeth will fall out easily and experience bone thinning.

Do dental and oral health checks at a general or specialist dentist to control your teeth at least once every 6 months and do regular scaling or cleaning of tartar to avoid problems with dental and oral health.

If Hermina's best friend has problems regarding dental and oral health, do an examination at the nearest Hermina Hospital. Greetings healthy

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