The Danger of Ignoring the Use of Sunscreen

The Danger of Ignoring the Use of Sunscreen

Sun exposure can cause various skin problems, ranging from wrinkled skin, dark spots to skin cancer. Therefore, the use of sunscreen (sunscreen) is very important in maintaining healthy skin. However, there are still many people who ignore the importance of using sunscreen, and often even choose to ignore it. In fact, ignoring the use of sunscreen can pose a serious hazard to skin health.

Here are some of the dangers of ignoring sunscreen that you need to watch out for:

1. Premature Aging

Exposure to sunlight without protection from sunscreen continuously can damage collagen in the skin. This can cause the skin to look wrinkled, and dull and can even occur at a young age due to ignoring regular use of sunscreen. For this reason, the use of sunscreen for the prevention of premature aging is very important

2. Skin Damage

Continuous exposure to sunlight on the skin without protection from sunscreen can cause dark spots, brown spots and various benign skin tumors to skin cancer.

3. Triggers the Appearance of New Lesions in Several Skin Diseases

Several kinds of skin diseases are sensitive to sun exposure. For example, lupus is a disease where the skin is sensitive to sun exposure, so the use of sunscreen is mandatory in patients who have photosensitivity (sensitive to sun exposure).

4. Less than Maximum Results in Skin Treatment

Sun exposure can exacerbate problematic skin conditions and even certain skin diseases can make treatment ineffective. Therefore, if a dermatologist recommends the use of sunscreen during treatment, it is better if the use of sunscreen during treatment should not be ignored.

In conclusion, ignoring the use of sunscreen can cause many hazards to skin health, such as premature aging, the appearance of dark spots skin damage, and cancer, and can trigger the emergence of new lesions in several types of skin diseases. Ignoring the use of sunscreen in patients who are undergoing skin treatment can also cause the treatment to be less than optimal. Therefore, the use of sunscreen must be a habit that continues to be done to maintain healthy skin

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