Here's How to Handle Broken Bones Correctly

Here's How to Handle Broken Bones Correctly

Broken bones are a condition that everyone has the risk of experiencing. In general, fractures are caused by physical activity such as sports injuries, vehicle accidents, falls, and so on. As an individual who lives side by side with other people, there is nothing wrong if Hermina's friend knows how to handle a broken bone. This is very important, so that when faced with a broken bone incident, the Friends of Hermina can do first aid before getting treatment from a doctor. Then what is the proper treatment for fractures as a first-aid measure?

Proper Treatment for Fractures

A broken bone, or fracture in medical language, is a condition where the bone becomes disconnected. Whether it's partial, whole, or even crushed, This condition is commonly caused by a hard impact trauma. Symptoms that will appear when a fracture occurs are pain and swelling, bruising, and curving or bending. As the first treatment for fractures, Friends of Hermina can follow a few simple steps, such as :

1. Avoid moving too much

The first step that Hermina's friends can take to handle it is not to make too many movements. So that the injury does not continue, you should stabilize the injured area. Avoid doing massage on the body part that is suspected to be the location of the fracture.

2. Immediately stop the bleeding

As first aid if you experience bleeding in the injured area, namely, by stopping the bleeding immediately. The trick is to wrap the area with a bandage. Make sure to wrap the wound area tightly and use a sterile cloth.

3. Reduce swelling

If swelling occurs in the injured area, Hermina Friends must reduce the swelling. Friends of Hermina can reduce swelling by compressing the swollen area with ice or cold water.

What hermina friends must remember is to wrap the ice in a mat made of cloth or towel. In other words, don't put ice directly on the swollen skin. The reason can cause frostbite and damage to the skin's tissues and nervous system.

4. Immediately transport the fracture patient to the hospital.

Appropriate treatment as a first-aid measure is to take patients who have fractures to the hospital or emergency room. The goal is to immediately get further medical treatment.

The doctor's actions to handle fractures

When a patient is admitted to the hospital, the doctor will usually conduct an immediate examination and treatment. But before treatment, the doctor will carry out several tests, such as a physical examination, X-rays, CT scans, or MRI scans. The purpose of this examination is to see how the broken bone is doing. Furthermore, the doctor will make sure the bones are in position before placing the cast. However, in some cases, doctors will also perform surgery. This operation is useful for installing metal plates or rods to connect or unite the broken bones. These broken bones can be reattached. But it takes time for the healing process. Usually the healing process takes from 6 to 8 months, depending on the age and health condition of Hermina's body.

Treatment of fractures after receiving action from a doctor

After getting the right medical action from the doctor, the friends of Hermina also need to understand how to handle it further. especially with regard to treating wounds on broken bones. For the purposes of fracture treatment, doctors will usually check whether there are signs of infection or not. especially for patients who get treatment in the form of surgery. In order to minimize and relieve pain, the doctor will give painkillers as well as medications to reduce swelling. Then, for Friends of Hermina who are getting treatment for broken bones by placing a cast, the next step in treatment is to get lots of rest. Besides that, it's a good idea for Hermina's friends not to lift heavy weights first and to avoid getting the cast exposed to water. Do this until the doctor removes the cast from the area of the broken bone.

Similarly, if Hermina's friend is treated by having to use a crutch. Hermina's best friend must learn and get used to using crutches, at least until the doctor removes the cast. There are several important things that Hermina Friends must remember when taking care of themselves after experiencing a fracture. Especially if Hermina's friend is treated with a cast. Friends of Hermina shouldn't stick anything into the area between the cast and the limb if it feels itchy in the area covered by the cast. The best solution to get rid of the itching that appears is to blow cold air into the cast.

That's the right treatment for fractures, starting with first aid and how the medical action from the doctor relates to the treatment after the doctor's action. For Friends of Hermina who accompany people who are experiencing fractures, make sure that person remains conscious. Until arriving at the hospital and getting treatment from a doctor, Friends of Hermina can consult with specialist doctors at the hospital about fractures. Hermina's closest friend or Hermina's best friend can also consult online with a hospital specialist. Hermina with the Hello Hermina app

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