Does Tonsil Surgery Really Affect Children's Immunity?

Does Tonsil Surgery Really Affect Children's Immunity?

Friends of Hermina, as we all know, tonsillitis is often found in children. Parents certainly feel worried if their child has tonsillitis. Moreover, if after checking the child to the ENT doctor, the child should be advised for surgical removal of the tonsils. Generally, the cause of the tonsils to be removed is when the tonsils are inflamed and are already a risk to health.

Surgical removal of the tonsils is one way of healing tonsillitis. When an ENT specialist recommends surgical removal of the tonsils, parents usually feel confused. Moreover, there are several myths about tonsillectomy circulating in the community. There are still some who are hesitant to do tonsillectomy because it is believed that it can affect the immune system, thus making parents object if their child has to undergo tonsillectomy. One of the myths circulating is, children will get sick easily after having their tonsils removed. Really?

Do you know Hermina's friend? Children get sick easily after surgical removal of the tonsils is a myth. Indeed, the tonsils function as a filter for germs and disease, but actually the tonsils are not the only protector of immunity.

In the throat cavity there is also another fortification of the body called the adenoid which is located in the upper ceiling of the throat cavity adjacent to the nasal passages. There have been studies that after tonsillectomy, the entire immune system in our body is not affected. Instead, the removal of the tonsils aims to remove the source of infection. It would be better if the tonsils are removed immediately because it can affect a person's quality of life.

The tonsils do have a very important role in relation to the body's immunity, but health problems that attack the organs in the throat are also quite dangerous. Make sure you check your health regularly to be able to detect any abnormalities in your body.

Well, Friends of Hermina can discuss first if you have questions or problems about tonsils with an ENT Specialist. Hermina Ciputat Hospital can be an option for Friends of Hermina to check for tonsillitis up to surgery if needed later. In addition to having reliable and professional ENT specialists, Hermina Ciputat Hospital also has complete supporting equipment. So there is no need to worry if your little one is advised to have tonsil removal surgery. Click here to make an appointment with an ENT specialist.

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