Here are the steps for treating cavities that can be done by children and adults, let's see..

Here are the steps for treating cavities that can be done by children and adults, let's see..

Hello Hermina's friend, Do you like feeling toothache due to cavities? Usually cavities are one of the most common dental complaints, both in adults and children. This condition is difficult to detect because it generally does not cause pain at first. Therefore, it is necessary to have regular dental check-ups. Cavities usually occur due to several factors such as: Rarely brushing or cleaning teeth, especially after eating, Not using toothpaste or mouthwash containing fluoride to clean teeth, Eating too many sugary foods and drinks (such as cakes, biscuits, candy, and ice). cream) or acid (such as soft drinks), Suffering from gastric acid reflux (GERD) and dry mouth, Old age so that the enamel begins to thin by itself and saliva production is reduced and regularly consume drugs, supplements, vitamins, or herbal products that contain sugar. Friends of Hermina Bitung, if you are experiencing symptoms of cavities, you should see a dentist for follow-up, usually the symptoms that often occur with cavities are:

  1. teeth become sensitive when biting
  2. Pain in the teeth that occurs spontaneously for no apparent reason
  3. Pain or pain when consuming sweet, cold, or hot food or drinks
  4. There is a clearly visible hole in the tooth
  5. White, brown, or black stains on the tooth surface

The problem of tartar also needs to be considered following how to clean tartar, namely:

Brushing your teeth regularly is one way to clean tartar, which can be done twice a day, after breakfast and before going to bed at night. Brushing your teeth should be done from the gums to the top and bottom teeth

Clean with Floss The next way to clean tartar is to do a more detailed cleaning using floss. The goal is to clean the plaque that is in between the teeth. Floss can reach between teeth that a toothbrush cannot reach. Do this way after brushing your teeth for maximum results

Using Mouthwash the next way to clean tartar is to use mouthwash. Mouthwash is considered capable of removing dirt from food residue that is attached to the teeth. In addition, the use of mouthwash can help smell fresher breath. To get the benefits, avoid mouthwash with alcohol content, yes.

If Hermina's friend has not cleaned her tartar, it is better to go to the dentist and have a dental check-up done.


-Healthy Greetings-

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