Can e-cigarettes cause popcorn lung?

Can e-cigarettes cause popcorn lung?

Both Smoking and Vaping made people inhales smoke into their body. With traditional cigarretes, people inhales the smoke from the tobbacos. Vaping in the other hands, people inhales the liquid or vape juice that has been transform into smoke. Since vaping popularity increases, the term ‘popcorn lung’ is became this common topic that came out when we talk about Obstruction in the lung.

So what is popcorn lung?

Bronchiolitis Obliterans, its medical name, if you want to try asking you physician about this. BO could occur due to many chemicals exposure to your lung and causes inflammation and obstruction in someone’s bronchiole’s. The Scar tissue in the lung because of that process will then disturbing the function of the lung.  The symptoms are very similar to COPD ( chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease), although bronchiolitis could happen in 2-8 weeks while COPD would need years or even decades for it to evolve.

The main symptoms of bronchiolitis:

  1. Cough
  2. Trouble breathing
  3. Activity Tolerance decrease
  4. Wheeze
  5. Fatigue

Although popcorn lung is a very rare disease, the early symptom is also very similar to the common cold. In a few weeks and months to come, it slowly evolving itself and make the people who had it worsen during time. If it not treated well and carefully, it can cause death due to respiratory failure.

There is currently no specific medication to treat popcorn lung, but there are some medications that can be used to slowing down the evolution and process of the popcorn lung. According to its cause, Popcorn lung can be treated with antibiotic, immunosuppressant agent, and corticosteroid. Therapy to its symptoms such as cough and flu like syndrome, can also help. In severe and advanced cases, lung transplantation may be needed.

Diagnosis popcorn lung has its difficulties. Although CT Scan dan Lung Function test can give us  a bigger picture, the only test that can be counted to make a diagnose to Bronchiolitis is by lung biopsy through surgery. In some cases, few samples needed to be taken for diagnoses purposes.

Start caring dan look after your lung condition early. You can start doing simple steps, like :

  1. Avoid using traditional or modern ciggaretes, both as an active user or a passive user.
  2. Avoid further infalmattion if you can
  3. Listen to your health provider advice
  4. Always using extra personal protective equipment

Make sure to contact your health provider if there are symptoms and in a bad condition. It can be treated and reducing the chance of having further damage in your lung.

If you have other chronic illness, maybe joining a support group will help. Sometimes sharing with people who had the same feeling brings out answers and perspective you didn’t know exists. A support group can be anyone, including caregiver, friend, or even family. The Right Time to Meet with a Pulmonologist,  You can see a pulmonologist after receiving direction or referral from a general practitioner. In addition, you can also consult a pulmonologist if you experience some symptoms related to respiratory disorders, such as a severe or chronic cough. Coughing up blood Shortness of breath. Chest pain. Weight loss for no apparent reason.

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