Not Licked Jin! This is the frequent cause of sudden bruising

Not Licked Jin! This is the frequent cause of sudden bruising

When you wake up in the morning, have you ever encountered bruises on any part of your body? For some people, bruises that suddenly appear are often associated with mystical things.

Of course you are no stranger to bruises because anyone can experience bruises. Bruising is a medical condition in which bleeding occurs in the tissue under the skin due to rupture of blood vessels under the skin due to a blunt object, causing the skin color to change color to bluish-black or purplish which is often referred to as a bruise.

Blood that comes out of these blood vessels will accumulate near the surface of the skin and cause bruises. When they first appear, the bruise will be reddish in color. Over time, the bruise will turn blue-purple, then yellow-green before finally fading and disappearing on its own within two weeks. When the body absorbs the blood again, the bruise marks will disappear.

Skin that bruises easily can also be affected by blood clotting that doesn't work well. Not infrequently, there are several serious health conditions that can be the reason why bruises suddenly appear on your body.

Examples are hemophilia and thrombocytopenia. Hemophilia is a rare inherited disease that causes it to be very difficult for the blood to clot due to a deficiency of certain types of protein. While thrombocytopenia is a blood disorder that causes the body to lack blood pieces (thrombocytes).

This condition is usually found on the legs or arms and does not spread to other parts of the body. And this condition is more common in women than men, which is characterized by suddenly appearing and not accompanied by pain.

The process of blood clotting occurs not as quickly as in normal people. They take longer for the blood clotting process than normal people because blood cells cannot clot quickly.

Apart from the collision, the following conditions can also cause easy bruising to occur:

  • State of stress, fatigue and menstruation
  • Consuming certain drugs or supplements, such as fish oil, ginkobiloba or corticosteroid drugs which are often used for asthma and which are found in some beauty creams
  • Low platelet levels (eg in DHF patients)
  • Leukemia (blood cancer)
  • ITP (autoimmune disease where the body lacks platelets)
  • Side effects of blood thinners, etc.

Although rare, some serious illnesses can be marked by bruising and blue spots. Serious illness can indeed be marked by bruises or blue spots. But that doesn't mean you have to be afraid to see a doctor. If that does happen, of course you need further treatment from a doctor.

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