Steps and how to bathe a baby for parents

Steps and how to bathe a baby for parents

Hermina's friend, bathing a baby is an ability that every parent must have. There are many new parents who continue to bathe their baby. Therefore, let's see how to bathe a baby properly. Bathing the baby must be done properly and correctly. Various things to pay attention to and the game of parents to be more careful. To avoid vomiting, avoid bathing the baby after he or she has finished feeding or eating. Apart from that, there is still a lot to know about how to properly bathe your baby so that you can do it well and smoothly.


The Purpose of Bathing the Baby

  • Clean the baby's body from dirt that sticks to the baby.
  • Provides comfort for babies.


Preparation of Necessary Tools for Bathing a Baby 

Before bathing the baby, prepare all the baby toiletries. Put all toiletries in an easily accessible place The following is the essential equipment needed to bathe a baby: 

  1. The bath tub is filled with lukewarm water 2/3 parts
  2. Baby bath soap, baby shampoo (toilet)
  3. washcloths, (1) towel 
  4. 1 set of infant clothes
  5. sterile gauze
  6. Cotton in place to clean the dirt.
  7. Trash can is closed 
  8. Baby oil, hair comb 
  9. Round cotton to clean the eyes closed bucket for dirty clothes (prepared at home)


How to Bathe a Baby in Steps 

  • Here are the steps to bathing the baby that parents can do:
    Wash your hands before and after handling the baby
  • The bed is covered with Perlak and cloth pads.
  • Clean the baby's eyes with a cotton ball (first soaked in hot water) from the bridge of the nose to the tip of the eye (1x wipe/do not go back and forth/must be in the same direction).
  • Clean the baby's face with a wet washcloth without soap.
  • If the baby is defecating, then clean it with a wet cotton swab, pointing it from top to bottom. If it's still dirty, repeat with a new cotton swab.
  • Wash the baby starting from the head, neck, chest, hands/armpits, back, legs, and lastly the genitals.
  • The gauze wrapping the umbilical cord is opened and thrown into the trash.
  • Rinse the baby thoroughly from the head, neck, chest, hands/armpits, back, legs, and genitals.
  • Then lift the baby out of the bath, being careful not to fall.
  • Put the baby on a bed that has been lined with a towel and dried, especially the folds. While drying, see the abnormalities that exist in the baby.
  • The umbilical cord is treated, wrapped in dry sterile gauze.
  • Wear baby clothes.


The thing that parents need to remember is to never leave the baby alone in the bath, not even for a moment. In this case, the baby has not been able to balance his body, so he is at risk of drowning or choking on water.


Well, those are some steps and ways that need to be prepared when bathing a baby. Don't forget to consult a pediatrician at Hermina Hospital Tangerang to ask further questions or solve parental problems in bathing the baby.

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