Carlo Saba Dies of a Heart Attack, Let's Recognize the Symptoms!

Carlo Saba Dies of a Heart Attack, Let's Recognize the Symptoms!

To be precise, on Wednesday, April 19, 2023, the entertainment world was shocked by the news of the death of the famous Indonesian vocalist, Carlo Saba. He was a reliable vocalist from the famous group Kahitna; he died at the age of 54, allegedly having had a heart attack. Previously, Carlo was hospitalized and collapsed after a gig. Until finally, this one singer died at 21.00 WIB. The shocking departure of Carlo Saba adds to the list of Indonesian artists who died due to a heart attack. e Symptoms!

Recognize the characteristics of heart disease that must be prevented.

Data from the Ministry of Health show that heart disease ranks as the second-highest cause of death in Indonesia. While heart disease accounts for the second highest death rate in Indonesia, this health condition turns out to be the leading cause of death in the United States. According to experts from the National Institutes of Healths MedlinePlus, it turns out that there are many types of heart disease.

The buildup of fatty plaques in the arteries, or atherosclerosis, can damage blood vessels and heart organs. This excess plaque can clog or narrow blood vessels, causing heart attacks, chest pain (angina), and strokes. This condition is known as coronary artery disease in the medical world.

These health problems can develop over time and get worse. In fact, its development can occur in childhood or adolescence. So what are the characteristics of heart disease that you need to watch out for? Here are some of them :

1. Chest discomfort

Chest discomfort is one of the most common features of heart disease, and you should be aware of it. Yes, when someone has a blocked artery or a heart attack, there is pain, pressure, and a feeling of pressure in the chest.

These symptoms will usually be felt within a few minutes and can appear when the body is resting or doing physical activity. However, chest discomfort cannot be ruled out, indicating no heart problems, especially in women. This means you have to be aware of other symptoms of heart disease.

2. Dizzy

There are many conditions that cause a person to lose balance or become weak. You may not be getting the amount of food or drink your body needs, which can also be caused by standing up too quickly after sitting for a long time.

However, if you feel a headache accompanied by shortness of breath and even want to pass out, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital to get immediate treatment.

Pain radiates down the arm.

Pain radiating to the left side of the chest is also a common symptom of a heart attack. That's why when you feel discomfort in your chest and the pain spreads to your arm, you should immediately consult a doctor. It is true that this is caused by heart health problems, but of course treatment can be done immediately to prevent complications.


Just like headaches, there are many factors that cause someone to snore while sleeping. One of them is the existence of health problems in the heart. If someone is snoring loudly and gasping for air, they may have sleep apnea.

Don't take it for granted; sleep apnea can cause temporary pauses in breathing. This is certainly bad for the heart. So get checked immediately if you experience it.

Other symptoms of heart disease

Apart from the four main symptoms above, there are other signs of heart disease that you may also experience, namely:

  • The heart beats faster or slower.
  • Body fever.
  • Swelling occurs in the abdomen, arms, legs, or the area around the eyes.
  • Pain in the jaw, neck, back, and throat
  • Feeling weak. A dry cough does not heal quickly.
  • Nausea and a rash appear on the skin.
  • Hands and feet will feel cold.
  • Experiencing cyanosis

This is why it's important to get checked out early, so you can get treatment right away and avoid complications. In addition, you also need to get used to a healthy lifestyle and diet and take vitamin supplements if necessary.



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