To Prevent Bad Breath, Do This Scaling or Treatment

To Prevent Bad Breath, Do This Scaling or Treatment

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a problem experienced by many people. This condition often triggers feelings of insecurity and discomfort. Especially if Hermina's best friend is the type of person who has to interact with many people every day. But don't worry; bad breath can be prevented with proper dental and oral care.


Treatment to Prevent Bad Breath

The oral cavity, which is not kept clean, is one of the main causes of bad odor. The main key to treating bad breath is to ensure that the oral cavity is always clean and free of plaque and germs. Here are some types of treatments that dentists usually do to prevent bad breath:

1. Scaling

Cleaning tartar or scaling is one of the most popular actions to take to maintain oral hygiene. It should be noted that bad breath can appear when tartar builds up and bacteria multiply in it. Plaque and bacteria will continue to grow and make bad breath worse.

Dental plaque is a pile of leftover food and bacteria that develop in the mouth and are left alone. Leftover food and bacteria then harden over time to become tartar. The process of brushing your teeth regularly will not be able to remove the tartar because it has hardened. Scaling is needed so that the tartar can be completely clean.

Scaling should be done every six months to maintain the cleanliness and health of the oral cavity. If cleaned regularly, tartar is easier to remove and will not trigger bad breath.

2. Dental Fillings

Furthermore, there are dental fillings which is also an effort to get rid of bad breath. It should be noted that bad breath is also triggered by cavities in the teeth. Cavities in the teeth cause food scraps to get stuck there more easily. Leftover food makes bacteria multiply and then produce an unpleasant aroma.

That is why dental fillings are needed so that there is no space that allows food residue to accumulate. In addition, dental fillings are also done so that the holes in the teeth do not become a place for bacteria to grow. When cavities are left alone, bacteria easily multiply there and cause an odor to appear.

Regular dental checks every six months are one of the efforts to prevent cavities. If Hermina's friend does a routine checkup, the dentist can immediately find out if there are cavities in the teeth. The sooner you find out, the easier it will be to patch because the hole isn't too big.

3. Brushing teeth and flossing regularly

The easiest treatment that can be done to prevent bad breath is to brush your teeth and floss regularly. Hermina's friends, of course, already know that brushing your teeth is a habit that must be done every day. Brushing your teeth regularly can help keep your mouth clean and prevent food debris from accumulating between your teeth.

The teeth cleaning process can be more perfect if Hermina's friends floss. Flossing is a technique for cleaning between the teeth using dental floss. This tool can assist in thoroughly cleaning food scraps up to and between the teeth.Be sure to be careful when doing this so as not to cause injury.

If it's still not enough, the Friends of Hermina can also use mouthwash to prevent bad breath. Currently, there are many choices of mouthwash products on the market. Just choose a mouthwash product that has many benefits and can get rid of bad odors.


Prevent bad breath with a healthy lifestyle

In addition to treatment at the dentist and brushing and flossing, Friends of Hermina also need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Lifestyle has an effect on oral health. If Hermina's friend's lifestyle is messy and unhealthy, then several problems may arise in the oral cavity and one of them is an unpleasant odor. In order to prevent bad breath, try to adopt a healthier lifestyle. For example, by drinking enough water so you don't get dehydrated and your mouth doesn't dry out. Be sure to eat lots of vegetables and fruit that provide vitamin intake in the oral cavity. Also avoid smoking and alcohol which can trigger bad breath.

Things like this are often overlooked, even though they are very important not only for the health of the body but also for the oral cavity. Don't forget to manage stress well because the influence of this stress can also disrupt the balance of oral health. The problem of bad breath should not be taken lightly. Hermina's friends can be insecure because of bad breath and can even feel stressed because of this problem. So you should immediately find out what caused the bad breath and get the most appropriate solution. Hermina friends can also be more confident with a much healthier and odor-free oral cavity.

Immediately consult complaints about the teeth and mouth of Friends of Hermina with the dentist at the nearest Hermina Hospital, or friends of Hermina can also consult our doctor online via Halo Hermina.

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