Prevent Diabetes Mellitus With These Ways!

Prevent Diabetes Mellitus With These Ways!

Hello, Hermina Friends! Diabetes mellitus, commonly referred to asdiabetes," is a disease caused by increased blood sugar in the body as well as several other things, such as insufficient production of the hormone insulin in the pancreas and inhibition of insulin performance due to the influence of other hormones. The factor that triggers diabetes mellitus is the sufferer's frequent consumption of sweet food. The complications of various dangerous diseases can threaten the life of the sufferer if action is not taken immediately. Here are some tips that can be taken as steps to prevent diabetes mellitus:

  • Perform Physical Activity.

Sweetness found in food can produce happy and relaxing hormones called endorphins, which can make a person addicted to consuming drinks and foods that contain sweets. Physical activity is one way that can be done to draw attention to foods that contain sweets. The physical activity carried out can be carried out with light or heavy intensity; in light intensity, physical activity can include walking, running, and cleaning the environment around the house.


  • Paying Attention to Nutritional Intake in Food

As a step to prevent diabetes mellitus, paying attention to the intake of nutrients consumed every day is one way to prevent diabetes mellitus. Nutrition and nutrients that enter the body every day are very important because our bodies need some nutrients and vitamins. Consume fruits and vegetables as much as possible to meet the body's needs for vitamins and nutrients.


  • Pay Attention to the Sugar Content of Food.

In some foods and drinks, there is sometimes a hidden sugar content; for example, in canned fruit, packaged fruit juice, tomato sauce, salad, and yogurt. In this case, paying attention to the nutritional value on the packaging is something that must be considered to see the sugar content contained in the body. Sometimes the name of sugar on the package is replaced with other names such as maltose, raw sugar, fructose, and dextrose.


  • Avoid Things That can be Trigger Factors.

Consuming sweet foods can be triggered by several factors, namely stress or a disturbed mood. Consuming sweet foods can indeed improve mood. Some positive things you can do to avoid stress are chatting with friends, watching movies, reading books, and listening to music.


  • Don't skip meals.

Blood sugar will drop drastically if we eat only when we are very hungry; this will trigger excessive consumption of sweet foods and drinks to increase energy. The recommended meal portion is to eat small portions for 3-5 hours a day. Don't forget to also pay attention to the nutritional content of the food and drinks consumed and combine good substances such as carbohydrates, protein, and fiber. The desire for excessive sweet consumption will decrease if the intake of nutrients is balanced.


If the methods described above cannot avoid the dangers of diabetes mellitus, you can contact an internal medicine specialist for further action to treat this condition, and don't forget to adopt a healthy lifestyle every day.

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