According to WHO data, pneumonia accounts for 14% of the total deaths of children under 5 years with more than 700 thousand cases in 2019, while adults with COPD have a risk of contracting pneumonia 7.7 times higher than healthy people.

What is Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a disease caused by Streptococcus pneumoniae bacteria, viruses, or fungi that infect the respiratory tract. The infection that occurs triggers the immune system to react, causing the air sacs in the lungs to become inflamed. Pneumonia can also be triggered by airway obstruction due to tumors or lung disease

Pneumonia Prevention

Prevention of pneumonia can be done by immunizing pneumonia caused by Streptococcus Pneumoniae. Pneumonia immunization is highly recommended for those aged 50 and over because the immune system is no longer able to fight infection from the virus.

Pneumonia vaccine

Pneumonia vaccine is a very important vaccine in forming the body's immune system to fight bacteria and viruses that cause pneumonia.

Pneumonia vaccines contain viruses or bacteria that are killed or weakened to train the immune system and recognize viruses that will attack the body. All ingredients in the vaccine content have been clinically tested and thoroughly monitored to ensure safety.

Benefits of the Pneumonia Vaccine

Prevention is better than cure, as well as cases of pneumonia which are better prevented from the start so they don't cause adverse effects in the long term.

Prevention of pneumonia can be done by administering a pneumonia vaccine which has the benefit of inhibiting the transmission of pneumonia and protecting the body from pneumococcal bacteria.

According to research that has been done, it was found that the pneumonia vaccine succeeded in preventing pneumonia:

  • 46% effective against pneumococcal pneumonia

  • 45% effective against non-bacterial pneumococcal pneumonia

  • 75% effective against invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD)

When to Do Pneumonia Vaccine?

Pneumonia vaccine is highly recommended for infants, children aged under 5 years to adults over 50 years. The dosage for infants, children and adults is also different, namely:

  • Immunization is carried out as many as 4 doses in children aged 2,4,6, and 12 to 15 months

  • Immunization at the age of more than 50 years can be carried out only once by obtaining a recommendation from the PAPDI (Association of Internal Medicine Specialists) adult IMMUNIZATION SATGAS

The pneumonia vaccine can be administered at Hermina OPI Jakabaring Hospital, where poly vaccines have been separated to make it more comfortable and safe when administering the vaccine. When the patient is going to be vaccinated, he or she will first consult with a specialist doctor and medical professionals




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