Observe How Too Much Screen Time Affects Children

Observe How Too Much Screen Time Affects Children

Screen Time is the time we spend looking at the screen, be it television, computers, phones, tablets or other electronic goods. However, what if the child has passed the effective screen time limit? The answer will be very dangerous. Because not all child development occurs due to familiarity with the environment, there is also child development that must be trained and stimulated by parents. So, when a child has too much screen time, what happens is there is no stimulation such as language and motor movements, because the child only focuses on the screen.

Basically the ideal screen time for children aged one to four years is less than 1 hour, then for children aged five years to adults 17 years it may only be 2 hours in one day and that time is outside of online education activity. For children under one year, screen time is not allowed at all so they have to focus more on motor movements and language, this is also a form of prevention against speech delay in children.

So what are the impacts of children who experience excessive screen time?

1. Delay in child development

The impact on children's development will of course also differ according to their age, but the most common impact is that children's development becomes late both in speech and motor development.

2. Decrease in academic achievement

For teenagers, the impact is a decrease in academic achievement. Because when screen time is excessive, the child's desire to learn is also reduced and the child's sense of responsibility as a student can also slowly disappear.

3. Children become anti-social

As the saying goes that today's gadgets "can bring those who are far away closer and keep those close away", when children watch or stare at screens too much, interaction between humans will decrease and children will also prefer to be alone. This makes it difficult for children to get along with the surrounding environment.

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded, Friends of Hermina, that the child's habit of playing gadgets, when the child stares at the screen and the child's motor development will be very dependent on parents. So it is mandatory for every parent to accompany every child and build a good relationship with the child, especially when it is in its infancy. Friends of Hermina, don't be afraid to talk to our psychologist at Hermina Galaxy Hospital about your child's health. By following our @rsuherminagalaxy profiles on Instagram and TikTok, you can learn more about health information provided by Hermina Galaxy Hospital. Both our contact center at 1500488 and the Halo Hermina app make scheduling appointments with doctors simpler.

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