The Impack of Vape on Health and the Enviroment

The Impack of Vape on Health and the Enviroment

In this developing era, electronic cigarettes have started to be in demand by various groups, especially young people. It is rarely realized that electronic cigarettes actually have the same side effects and dangers as conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes/electric cigarettes or often known as vape are products that deliver aerosols (vapours) containing nicotine by heating liquids.

Other names commonly used for electronic cigarettes:

  • Electronic cigarettes
  • E-cigarettes
  • Electro smoke
  • Personal vaporizers/vapes

Electronic Cigarettes both contain addiction and are harmful to health such as containing nicotine, containing carcinogens, containing toxic materials and others. Electronic cigarettes have an impact on the environment and health.

Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on the Environment

Electronic Cigarettes have a harmful impact on the environment, namely:

  1. People who are around who are exposed to e-cigarette vapor/aerosol content is almost the same as passive smoking
  2. Most of the components identified in the e-cigarette moisture cause symptoms of respiratory distress/difficulty breathing, impaired lung function and respiratory disease

Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on Lung Health

In January 2018 the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine published a consensus of research report that reviewed more than 800 different studies and their results:

  1. Results The report says there is moderate evidence that teens using ecigarettes will increase wheezing symptoms.
  2. In electronic cigarettes the main component is water vapor, the main component will induce acid in children.
  3. Research also says electronic cigarettes increase the risk of lung disease (including asthma) 30% greater than those who have never smoked or never used electronic cigarettes.
  4. The use of electronic cigarettes in COPD patients is associated with an increased risk of exacerbation of chronic bronchitis and COPD and decreased lung function.
  5. The results of the study said that 9 out of 40 mice (22.5%) that were exposed to electronic cigarette smoke with nicotine content for 54 weeks could cause adenocarcinoma type lung cancer.

Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on Lung and Respiratory Health :

  1. Respiratory tract irritation
  2. Improve respiratory symptoms
  3. Increase the risk of bronchitis
  4. Increase the risk of asthma
  5. Increases the risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  6. Lung cancer risk
  7. Risk of pneumothorax
  8. Other respiratory disease
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