Healthy Diet For Coronary Heart Patients

Healthy Diet For Coronary Heart Patients

Coronary heart disease is a disorder caused by narrowing or blockage of the arteries that supply blood to the heart muscle, when the narrowing becomes severe, a heart attack can occur.

What Causes Coronary Heart Disease?
Coronary heart narrowing is caused by thickening in the walls of blood vessels accompanied by plaque.

What is Plaque? Plaque is a mixture of fat, calcium, cholesterol and other waste products. Plaque is difficult to remove so it is better to prevent it.

Two risk factors for coronary heart disease are irreversible and modifiable:


1. Age
2. Gender
3. Descendants / Race


1. Smoking
2. Dyslipidemia
3. Hypertension
4. Diabetes Mellitus
5. Lack of Physical Activity
6. Overweight & Obesity
7. Unhealthy diet
8. Stress
9. Alcohol Consumption

A study recently presented at the American College of Cardiology supports the Mediterranean diet (DASH) pattern for reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, then how to Diet For Patients with Coronary Heart Disease such as:

1. Choose complex carbohydrates such as rice, corn, sweet potatoes, cassava etc. over simple carbohydrates, such as sugar, sweets, sweet foods etc.

2. Limit the consumption of saturated fat and trans fat. Saturated fat in solid form at room temperature, can increase the body's LDL levels.

3. Food sources of omega-3 have heart-protective properties. Vegetable protein (tofu, tempeh, nuts) and Omega-3 can reduce bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol (HDL).

What you need Friends of Hermina Remember and be aware of. Excess cholesterol is found in beef, goat, especially in internal organs such as the brain, heart, intestines, and stomach (tripe). And limit the use of salt if there is high blood pressure. The recommended salt in 1 day is 1 tsp.

It is recommended to increase the consumption of fiber because it can lower cholesterol levels. Cholesterol will be directly bound and excreted through the intestines and not absorbed by the body

Good Lifestyle Recommendations

1. Routinely check blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels
2.Reduce stress or manage stress
3. Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol
4. Lose weight for people who are overweight and still maintain BBI
5. Regular exercise can improve heart muscle function after a heart attack. Some sports for people with heart disease include walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming. If you can do 30 minutes 5x.

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