Interesting Facts About ERACS ?

Interesting Facts About ERACS ?

What is ERACS?

This surgical technique was developed to speed up treatment and also speed up the healing of the patient. This technique allows the patient to sit up after 2 (two) hours postoperatively and in the treatment room the patient has mobilized and is expected to be able to return to activities in less than 24 hours.

Interesting Facts About ERACS ?

Operation Recovery Process with ERACS Method

1 hour drink allowed

2. IMD (Early Breastfeeding Initiation) immediately

3. (Two) 2 Hours can sit, stand and walk

4. Pain is minimal

5. Preparation for fasting is shorter

Pre-Operation Phase

At this stage the patient is required to fast for 6 hours before surgery, during fasting for 2 hours a mood booster drink is given, so that blood sugar levels remain stable and do not feel weak. with the installation of infusions, and the administration of special fluids and drugs.

Intraoperative Phase

Anesthesia is performed in the operating room with a spinal technique that uses a choice of anesthetic drug reagents that make recovery fast. The patient was anesthetized half the body, but did not feel any pain during the operation. The effect of the anesthetic drug is regulated to be maintained, this allows the patient to be able to move as soon as possible. After the baby is born, the Pediatrician will be examined by a Pediatrician to ensure the baby's health condition and then be held to the mother's chest for the IMD process.

Post Operation Phase

Post-surgery is an advanced stage of pre-operative and intra-operative care which begins when the patient is admitted to the recovery room. In this phase, within 1 hour the patient is allowed to drink and immediately do IMD (Early Breastfeeding Initiation), 2 hours later the patient can do activities such as sitting, standing and walking. This method allows minimizing pain to the patient, the mother will feel comfortable and not feel pain so that she can return to activities faster.

If Sahabat Hermina is planning a delivery using the ERACS Method. Hermina's friends can visit and consult with your favorite obstetrician doctor with the ERACS method SC at Hermina Tangkubanprahu Hospital.

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