Pregnant Women Stay Comfortable Without Morning Sickness

Pregnant Women Stay Comfortable Without Morning Sickness

Who is Hermina's friend here who is experiencing morning sickness (nausea and vomiting) during pregnancy? Pregnancy is certainly the most anticipated moment for all couples. However, the beginning of pregnancy is a period that is not easy for Hermina's friends to get through. In this phase, Hermina's friends will experience many complaints as a natural reaction to the changes that occur in the body.

Complaints that are often felt by Hermina's friends are about the struggle against nausea and vomiting during early pregnancy. Although it is often known as morning sickness, this nausea and vomiting don't only occur in the morning; they can occur throughout the day.

Nausea or vomiting in pregnancy usually starts in the first trimester and will reach its peak around the 9th week. The nausea will gradually improve after passing the 12th week of gestation.


Tips for Overcoming Morning Sickness:

1. Meet your fluid needs

The need for fluids during pregnancy is greater than before pregnancy. Keep up with your fluid needs by drinking 10–12 glasses of water per day. If fluid needs are met, body temperature will also be maintained properly. When properly hydrated, nausea and the urge to vomit can be reduced.

2. Eat little by little

During pregnancy, stomach acid often increases. This often causes a decrease in appetite because the nausea is unbearable. The solution is to eat little by little but often. Forcing a lot of food can make the digestive system work harder, so nausea will actually increase. Avoid the types of foods that are too stimulating, spicy, contain coconut milk, or are too oily because they will stimulate the feeling of nausea to get worse.

3. Busy Hermina's best friend shares the things she likes.

Diverting your mind to something else you like can help you temporarily forget your nausea. Taking a walk to breathe in the fresh air can also reduce nausea, according to Friends of Hermina.

4. Get enough rest and avoid stress

Stress plays an important role in causing nausea during pregnancy. If you have anxiety, try to share it with your partner. Build a comfortable atmosphere so that pregnant women are able to go through this stage well.

If the method of getting rid of nausea during pregnancy above doesn't make the symptoms lessen or Hermina's friends feel that things are getting worse, immediately consult Hermina's friends' complaints with a Gynecologist so that Hermina's friends can be treated immediately with the right treatment.

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