Recognizing High-Risk Pregnancy

Recognizing High-Risk Pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is a pregnancy in which both the mother and the fetus are at risk of death or illness during pregnancy, delivery or after birth. Then there are some medical conditions that can cause you to have a high-risk pregnancy. This medical condition can occur during pregnancy or before pregnancy.



The Poedji Rochjati Score Card (KSPR) is a score card used as an antenatal screening tool. So it is advisable to know the high risk of pregnant women doing antenatal screening or called ANC.



The following is the ANC schedule, at a minimum :


  1. One time

Quarter I (Trimester)

  1. One time

Quarter II (Trimester)

  1. Twice

Third Quarter (Trimester)



Poedji Rochjati Score Card (KSPR) Functions :


- Early detection of high risk pregnant women

- Monitoring the condition of the mother and fetus during pregnancy

- Recording and reporting the state of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium

- Provide counseling guidelines for safe birth planning



Some of the diseases experienced by the mother, namely :


- Diabetes

- Blood disorders

- Chronic kidney disease

- Obesity

- High blood pressure

- Thyroid Disease

- Lupus


- Depression



Pregnancy Complications :


- Birth defects can actually be detected through ultrasound or genetic testing before birth

- Gestational diabetes, often occurs during pregnancy

- Slow fetal development

- Pregnant with twins, high risk because it can give birth prematurely

- Preeclampsia



Friends of Hermina, what should be done if it turns out that your pregnancy is included in a High-Risk Pregnancy?


- Check yourself regularly, especially in the early days of pregnancy - Consumption of vitamins for pregnant women

- Keep your weight normal

- Stopping habits or activities that harm the fetus

- Detection of chromosomal abnormalities in babies



Similarly, for an explanation of high-risk pregnancies in pregnant women, if pregnant women who experience this condition must be diligent in checking themselves and need extra supervision and care from obstetrics and gynecology specialists. And don't forget to do Antenatal Screening (ANC) and best friend Hermina immediately check with the Obgyn Specialist at RSU Hermina Solo so that she can get further treatment.

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