Infertility in Marriage

Infertility in Marriage

Infertility is the failure to get pregnant after trying to get pregnant by having regular sexual intercourse for at least 1 year.
Infertility due to female and male factors or a combination of both is experienced by many couples. As many as 10-15% of couples in Indonesia have difficulty getting pregnant. Of the many cases, a third of cases are caused by female factors, a third of cases are caused by male factors, and a third of cases are caused by both factors. The cause of female factor infertility is difficult to diagnose, the choice of therapy depends on the underlying cause.

There are no major symptoms of infertility in women. Menstrual cycles that are too long, 35 days or more, or too short, 21 days or less, irregular cycles or often late can indicate a low chance of fertility. When to see a doctor depends on your age. If you are 30 or under, some doctors will recommend trying to get pregnant naturally for at least a year. If you are between 35 and 40 years old, talk to your doctor about your concerns after 6 months of trying. If you are over 40 years old, your doctor will recommend immediate examination and therapy.

Your doctor will also immediately recommend immediate testing or therapy if you and your partner have an underlying disease or if you have a history of irregular or painful menstruation, pelvic inflammatory infections, recurrent miscarriages or a history of previous cancer therapy or endometriosis.

For pregnancy to occur, one of the following factors is important, namely:
Ovulation. To get pregnant, the ovaries need to produce and release eggs, this process is known as ovulation. Your doctor can help you evaluate your menstrual cycle and confirm ovulation.

Sperm. For most couples, this is not a problem unless your partner has a history of illness or previous surgery. Your doctor can perform a simple examination to evaluate the health of your partner's sperm.


Regular sexual intercourse is necessary during your fertile period. Consult your doctor to better understand when your fertile periods are.

You should have normal fallopian tubes and uterus. Eggs and sperm meet in the fallopian tubes and pregnancy requires a healthy place for pregnancy to occur.

In some situations the cause of infertility may not be found after an evaluation. This could be caused by various combinations of causes from both partners. Although it is tiring to get answers to the causes of this unexplained infertility, quite a few pregnancies occur on their own over time.
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