Types of Sports That Are Recommended During The Fasting Month

Types of Sports That Are Recommended During The Fasting Month

Hello Friends of Hermina, Do you still do regular exercise during this month of Ramadan? What sports do Hermina's friends do? During the month of Ramadan, it is very difficult to do regular exercise due to various obstacles such as fatigue. With the right portion, exercise during the fasting month will make the body fit and healthy. Especially during the fasting month, light exercise must still be done to maintain body fitness. Before exercising, we must adjust our diet during Sahur and form fasting. It is advisable to eat and drink sahur when approaching the Imsak and not delay eating when breaking the fast. In addition to diet, we are also obliged to pay attention to sleep patterns. Get enough sleep before doing sports and don't forget to warm up and cool down before doing sports. do not do excessive exercise because it will make the body tired and then drop. Try to exercise according to the portion and not excessive.
The following are the types of exercise that are recommended during the fasting month:



Jogging or running with a relaxed intensity is very good to do during the fasting month. Do jogging in the morning because it will allow you not to feel tired because there is still a lot of energy stored in the body after eating Suhoor. Don't do jogging for too long. Do it in accordance with the conditions and capacity of your body. It is advisable to jog per day with a duration of 30 minutes with moderate to light instinct. If you are tired, it is not recommended to continue jogging.


Cycling is a mild exercise that can be done during the fasting month. During the month of Ramadan, cycling can be done in the morning after dawn prayers. Besides in the morning, cycling can also be done in the afternoon before breaking the fast or commonly known as ngabuburit. Don't take the route too far because it will affect your body condition which will cause you to feel tired. It is recommended to cycle for about 30-60 minutes to stay in shape.



Pilates is an alternative exercise during the fasting month for people who are lazy to leave the house. Pilates is an exercise that can be modified according to your abilities and needs. Pilates movement has many benefits, namely it can improve posture, increase muscle strength and can reduce stress levels.


Just like Pilates, Yoga is a suitable sport for Hermina's friends who are lazy to leave the house. Yoga is also a sport that trains patience. This sport does not require a lot of energy, therefore it is very suitable to be done during the fasting month. Yoga activities can be done by stretching muscles and gentle movements. These movements can nourish the brain and pump blood. In addition, Yoga can also relax the mind, improve sleep quality, increase body agility and improve sleep quality.

By doing this exercise, it is hoped that the body will stay healthy and fit. Do not forget to also maintain a diet and pay attention to the portion of the exercise so that the body is always in prime condition. While the pandemic season is still ongoing, we must be able to sort out sports that do not have minimal contact and can be done from home.
Friends of Hermina, always stay safe and don't forget to always apply 3M (washing hands, wearing masks and keeping your distance).



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