When and What to Prepare for Appendix Surgery? Find Out More Here!

When and What to Prepare for Appendix Surgery? Find Out More Here!

Hello, Hermina Friends! The appendix is the inner part of the human body that is shaped like a pouch similar to a finger and protrudes from the large intestine. While appendix surgery is one of the medical procedures that aims to remove the appendix, or Indonesian appendix. This medical procedure is performed if the appendix has been infected and is causing symptoms of appendicitis. Appendicitis is an effective way to prevent infection and inflammation of the appendix.


In appendicitis, the primary symptom experienced by sufferers is pain or tenderness in the lower right abdomen. The pain that is felt can get worse and spread throughout the stomach, and when moving, the patient will feel quite a sharp pain. The following are other complaints of appendicitis besides pain in the stomach:

  • Reduced appetite
  • Stomach feels bloated.
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting or nausea


When is the right time for appendicitis to be operated on? Appendicitis can cause an infection that spreads throughout the abdominal cavity due to the discharge of the contents of the intestine into the abdominal cavity. Therefore, appendicitis must be treated quickly because a ruptured appendix can result in death. The following are reasons why appendicitis surgery is recommended as standard treatment:

  1. Appendicitis, if removed, does not cause significant health problems because the appendix does not have a clear role in survival.
  2. The risk of developing intestinal inflammation will be great if appendicitis is treated without surgery, for example, by using antibiotics.


Because of the things mentioned above, doctors often recommend an appendectomy or appendix removal surgery to treat inflammation that occurs in the appendix.


What should be prepared if you want to have an appendectomy? Usually the patient will provide some important information in advance, such as what medicines are being taken, what therapy is being undertaken, and whether they are suffering from other diseases. Before starting the operation, the patient is usually told what to prepare and must fast for 8 hours before starting the operation. The following are things that must be done before the operation for appendicitis:

  • Use special clothing provided by the hospital
  • Removing all accessories and jewelry used on the whole body
  • Cutting the hair at the site to be used as surgery
  • Lying on the operating table, then the doctor will give an infusion given intravenous fluids
  • Then given general anesthesia and the doctor will begin to carry out an appendectomy


After the operation has been successfully carried out, the incision site on the skin and muscle in the abdomen will be reattached by means of stitches, after which it will be covered with a bandage to prevent infection. While the appendix operation is in progress, the condition of the entire body will be continuously monitored by the anesthesiologist, and the surgery will be carried out by the surgeon.

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