When Should Male Circumcision Be Done?

When Should Male Circumcision Be Done?

Circumcision or circumcision is usually done before the age of puberty, but some people choose to do circumcision at birth. parents' decision to perform circumcision has several reasons including because of religion, culture and also health.

The benefits of circumcision or circumcision or medically known as circumcision, include:

It's easier to keep the reproductive organs clean
Circumcision makes the penis easier to clean. Circumcised foreskin relatively makes it difficult for dirt, bacteria, and fungi to sneak between the skin of the tip of the penis.

Prevent urinary tract infections
Circumcised men have a lower risk of developing urinary tract infections than uncircumcised men. This disease can be dangerous to the point of triggering a kidney infection if not handled properly.

Prevents inflammation in the head of the penis
Uncircumcised foreskin and glans are prone to inflammation. This is because the foreskin is difficult to return to its original position after being pulled or the penis is tense.

Prevent penile cancer
The risk of men getting penile cancer is lower than men who are not circumcised.

When is the right time to do circumcision or circumcision?

Circumcision or circumcision is better done after birth, even if they are healthy or have abnormalities, it is better when the baby is circumcised because the treatment is easy and the healing is faster than older children.

Myth or fact can children grow taller faster if circumcision is performed?

The fact is because circumcision can avoid re-infection. During repeated infections, it becomes difficult for children to eat, of course, this can affect their growth and development. If the child has been circumcised, then infection will rarely occur and indirectly the growth will be better.

Perform the Best Circumcision Method in the Hospital

The best method of circumcision is conventional circumcision. Before the circumcision is performed, the doctor will give the patient anesthesia to minimize pain during the circumcision process. Basically, there are two anesthetic options in the circumcision method, namely local anesthesia and total anesthesia.

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