Alcohol Addiction Increases the Risk of Blindness

Alcohol Addiction Increases the Risk of Blindness

The type of alcohol that has the potential to cause blindness is methanol. These substances can immediately damage the nervous system, including the eye nerves. Initially, it causes inflammation, followed by the death of nervous system tissue, which can cause blindness and lead to death.

The alcohol content of alcoholic beverages varies. Most types of alcoholic beverages that are drunk are types of ethanol compounds with the molecular formula C2H5OH. This type of alcohol can affect the central nervous system, so when it is drunk, it will certainly cause the person consuming it to lose consciousness, and in severe conditions, it can cause death.

In the manufacture of adulterated alcohol (self-mixed), it is often mixed with methanol (CH3OH) or benzene (C6H6). These materials can also cause poisoning and cause permanent nerve damage (blindness or death).

The mixed material has been fused with alcohol and cannot be separated or decomposed. Methanol is a type of chemical substance that can cause blindness and paralysis when it enters the body. In mild cases, benzene causes a deficiency of erythrocytes (a condition when the level of red blood cells in the body falls below the normal range) and leukocytes (a condition when the number of white blood cells in the body falls below normal). Meanwhile, in severe cases, benzene will cause nausea and even death due to heart and respiratory system failure.

For cases of sudden blurry vision, an ophthalmologist will provide maximum therapy in the form of high-dose drug injections. The therapy given aims to reduce swelling of the optic nerve due to methanol or alcohol intoxication.

Individual responses vary from therapy given; if it is not too late, sometimes visual acuity can improve, but if there has been total tissue damage, it will be difficult to return to normal so that blindness occurs.

We cannot predict the occurrence of death. However, alcohol that has been mixed with methanol is very dangerous when consumed. Consumption of 70% alcohol that has been mixed with methanol can cause blindness and paralysis. In severe cases, it can cause cardiac arrest and death, and the cases are quite common in our society.

Of course, many types of cancer are also triggered by alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption can trigger cancer in several areas of the body, including the mouth, esophagus, throat, larynx (part of the respiratory system), and liver.

In the human body, alcohol will activate several types of enzymes that trigger the development of cancer cells. Alcohol will also damage the DNA in the body so that some parts of the cells will grow and multiply uncontrollably.

Given the dangers that can cause everything from blindness to death, it is appropriate for all of us to stay away from alcohol and start living a healthy life without it.

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