Recognize and Know The Best Treatment to do If The Child Has a Stomach Ache

Recognize and Know The Best Treatment to do If The Child Has a Stomach Ache

Sahabat Hermina Samarinda abdominal pain in children is one of the conditions that often occur and can make parents panic. The problem is that babies and children cannot express well about what is felt from the disorder they suffer. This is often a challenge in diagnosing and handling. Some can be handled alone at home, but some need operative action by a doctor to overcome it. Therefore, parents need to be aware of the symptoms and signs of abdominal pain in children who are dangerous and need immediate treatment. 

Do not panic, abdominal pain can be overcome by yourself

(1) overcoming abdominal pain children actually do not necessarily need medication, improper medication can even be dangerous.

(2) most causes of abdominal pain in children is excess gas, children eat wrong, can not defecate a few days that makes stomach discomfort.

(3) the first thing parents should do when a child complains of abdominal pain is to know in advance how his child is doing.

(4) first aid parents do not panic, give peace to the child, lay down, massage and give soft food.

(5) do not worry, if the child complains of abdominal pain but after that his condition is fine and can play again. 

Immediately take the child to the doctor if the child experiences other accompanying symptoms such as :

  • Weight loss and height
  • Bleeding (vomiting blood and bloody bowel movements)
  • Vomiting green
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Location of pain in the right upper and lower quadrant
  • Necessary examinations to establish the Diagnosis

In the treatment of the patient's condition, the doctor will conduct the necessary examination, in the abdominal organs there is a liver, stomach, gallbladder, small and large intestines. The doctor will determine the location of the pain where, and the doctor will determine what examinations are needed such as blood tests, urine tests, tests in the anus. Many ways of examination depend on the Doctor Who assesses it.

Stomach pain facts and what parents need to do to deal with it

Some diseases associated with abdominal pain that parents often face

Various facts about abdominal pain in children and what parents should do to deal with it :


This condition is characterized by difficulty defecating or the frequency of bowel movements is less than usual. This is often triggered by a diet that does not consume enough water and fiber (for children over 2 years). The way that children do not have difficulty defecating is to meet their nutritional needs according to their age with a complete menu, enough water and fiber for children over 2 years. If it is difficult for children to eat vegetables to meet daily fiber needs, it can be helped by fiber intake by giving formula milk or high-fiber snack foods that are good for children's digestion.


A condition in which a child defecates with a change in consistency to mushy or liquid, it can even be just water and the frequency is more frequent than usual, three or more times a day. Make sure children always drink at least 8 glasses or the equivalent of 2 liters of water every day. Not only does it aim to prevent dehydration when experiencing an infection, a sufficient amount of water can help the intestines to work normally. Or in conditions of severe diarrhea, give Ors.

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) generate discomfort in the abdomen and bladder region, accompanied by pain and heat when urinating. Children who suffer from it also urinate more often and even wet the bed. However, the infection usually does not cause fever. This disorder is more common in children 1-5 years than younger children.

If the child complains of these symptoms, see a pediatrician for a urine test. If positive for infection, the doctor will give antibiotics to eliminate the bacteria that cause infection and symptoms of abdominal pain.

       1. Stomach Flu

Stomach Flu is a completely different condition to the common cold caused by the influenza virus. Stomach Flu in medical language is called Gastroenteritis, a condition that occurs due to a viral, bacterial or parasitic infection that causes food poisoning or other causes (food allergies). Usually children who have Gastroenteritis will complain of abdominal pain and diarrhea. The child may also experience vomiting, fever is not too high. The symptoms will disappear in 3-10 days. Make sure your child is getting enough fluids to avoid dehydration due to diarrhea. If after 5 days the symptoms do not improve, even the child also has a high fever and looks weak, immediately bring to the doctor to get treatment.

       2. GERD

Children can also have acid reflux or GERD. A kind of stomach acid ulcer disease back into the throat. In addition to Peruvian pain, the child may also feel heat in the pit of his stomach, a sour taste in the throat, belching and nausea with continuous vomiting.

To prevent abdominal pain caused by GERD, some lifestyle changes need to be made to the child, such as:

  • Reduce portions, but eat more often.
  • Lose weight if the child is obese
  • Reduce fatty,acidic and spicy foods
  • Do not eat large portions when you want to do strenuous activities, such as sports.

       3. Appendicitis

When a child feels abdominal pain in the right lower part, this is a dangerous acute disease requiring immediate doctor's help. This disorder is very rare in children aged 3 years.

Ok sahabat Hermina, of course, by knowing and knowing the condition of abdominal pain in children then make you able to determine the steps of handling fast and precise. Do not panic, if in doubt about the condition of the child immediately take it to a specialist in order to get the right treatment, you are calm. Keep Healthy.

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