Recognize the Risk Factors for Back Pain

Recognize the Risk Factors for Back Pain

Back Structure

A spinal column consists of two parts, namely the anterior part which consists of the bony bodies or vertebral bodies, and the posterior part which consists of the vertebral arches.

Spinal function

The spine serves as the main support for the body so that humans can stand straight, bend over, and stretch. The spine is also responsible for protecting the spinal canal and cord.


Number of new cases of Back Pain

  • 60-70% of people have experienced back pain
  • The incidence increases 3x in the age group over 50 years
  • Only 20% are caused by a specific disorder


Risk factor

  1. Age
  2. genetics
  3. Body fitness
  4. Weight
  5. Profession
  6. Medical history (TB, Tumor)

What type of bone examination tool is needed?


By doing this examination, the doctor shows the condition of the spine. So that it will be seen the part that has a fracture and how severe the level of interference is.

CT Scan

Apart from showing soft tissue such as nerves, an examination using a CT scan shows the condition of your spine. With a CT scan, the doctor or medical team will show a cross-section of the spine. In addition, doctors see the spine from more than one angle using a CT scan.


With an MRI exam, the doctor looks for intervertebral disc problems. These discs serve to protect the spine from loads and shocks.


Prevention is better than cure. Do this to maintain spinal health:

Exercise: Diligent exercise that can be used to strengthen muscles and bones.

Maintain Posture: Posture does not only have an impact on appearance, but is also important for supporting the condition of the spine

Sitting for a long time: it would be even better if you know a good sitting position so that back pain can be avoided

When should I see a doctor?

Pain that lasts a long time

Fever and/or weight loss

Pain after falling from a height or other injury

Weakness in the limbs of the arms or legs

Disorders of urination or defecation

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