Recognize Symptoms Early Cataracts & Prevent Blindness

Recognize Symptoms Early Cataracts & Prevent Blindness

Cataracts are a degenerative process in the form of opacities in the lens of the eyeball, causing decreased vision to blindness. This turbidity is caused by a biochemical reaction that causes coagulation of lens proteins. Cataracts can occur due to congenital (cataracts from birth), but in general, cataracts occur due to:

  1. Degenerative processes associated with aging.
  2. It can also be caused by trauma and drug induction (steroids, chlorpromazine, alupurinol, amiodarone)
  3. Complications from systemic conditions such as diabetes mellitus or eye diseases such as glaucoma with uveitis

Symptoms and Causes of Cataracts

There are various early symptoms that are an indication that you have cataracts, these symptoms are:

  1. Eyesight becomes blurry when looking at an object or reading a text.
  2. Sensitivity to light or light becomes high
  3. When looking at objects and light using only one eye, objects can appear to be double.
  4. Difficulty seeing at night
  5. When you look at the light, a halo will appear in your vision

If you experience the symptoms above, immediately have your eye health checked at RSU Hermina Medan with an Ophthalmologist

Prevention and Treatment of Cataracts

In general, cataract treatment can be done with two therapies whose goals are prevention and treatment, as follows:

1. Protect Eyes from Exposure to Sunlight

If you want to be active in nature for a long time, you should wear it sunglases to protect the eyes from sun exposure. Especially during

summer. Choose sunglasses that have 100 percent protection from ultraviolet rays, both UVA and UVB.

2. Keep Blood Sugar Levels Normal

Reducing sweet foods, controlling food portions, and exercising regularly are some of the ways you can do to keep blood sugar levels normal. Maintaining blood sugar levels is very important, especially for people with diabetes. Besides being able to improve the condition of diabetes, this can also reduce the risk of developing cataracts, because cataracts develop faster when your blood sugar levels are high.

3. Reduce Eye Workload

Improve the lighting in your home so that it will make it easier for your eyes to see or read clearly. If you want to see or read small letters, you should use a magnifying glass.

4. Stop Bad Habits for the Eyes

If you are a smoker, try to reduce the frequency of smoking even if you ca, stop smoking at all. Likewise with those of you who have a habit of drinking alcohol, you should start limiting it from now on. You are also advised to limit the habit of driving at night.

5. Check Your Eyes Routinely

If you feel that your vision has begun to diminish, thus interfering with your daily activities, you should immediately consult an eye doctor. Have your eyes checked regularly to adjust for minus eyes, for those of you who are glasses users.

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