Know More What Is A CT Scan

Know More What Is A CT Scan

Definition of CT Scan
Analysis of cross sectional images of bones, blood vessels, soft tissues in the body, with the help of X-rays processed by a computer to reconstruct a clearer image

Immediately do a CT Scan, if:

Head CT Scan :
1. Neurological deficit (impaired brain function), for example sluggishness, weakness, weakness in half of the body, cognitive impairment

2. Severe headache, sudden or progressive

3. Head trauma with impaired consciousness

Lung CT Scan:
1. Detecting inflammation / lung infection,
2. Tumor or lung cancer
3. Post chest trauma

Heart CT Scan:
1. evaluation of coronary artery blood vessel images of the heart
2. Evaluation of anatomical abnormalities of the heart

CT Scan of the abdomen
1. Tumor / lump in the stomach,
2. Look for the cause of abdominal pain (acute abdomen),
3. After an accident involving the abdominal area,

Bone CT Scan:
1. Evaluation of post-accident fracture conditions,
2. Degenerative disorders of the bones
3. Joint damage

Contra indication
1. Pregnant women (must really be considered the benefits to the mother compared to the dangers of radiation to the fetus),
2. A history of allergies if it is necessary to add contrast material

Generally, if hermina's friend requires a CT-Scan examination, you can do a CT Scan at various hospitals that provide this service. You can make an appointment with the hospital to do various checks.

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