Recognize the Right Handling of Hernia Disease

Recognize the Right Handling of Hernia Disease

A hernia or what is commonly known as a hernia is a lump that appears as a result of the passage of an organ in the body through the weakened surrounding tissue. If left untreated, hernias can cause blood flow to be blocked resulting in tissue death. Hernias occur when an internal organ pushes against a lump in the weak muscles and tissues. The main cause is due to strenuous activities that are often done excessively, such as lifting weights. Generally, people know that this disease affects only adult men. However, hernias can occur in women. Research in 2021 shows that 90% of hernia sufferers in Indonesia are generally men, and 10% are women.

Not all hernias require surgery, how to deal with hernias depends on the type. Doctors can prescribe medicines or perform surgery.

Causes of Hernias

Hernias occur when an organ protrudes through the weakened surrounding tissue. The causes can vary, including:

  1. Aging or aging

  2. Often lift heavy weights

  3. Undergoing stomach surgery

  4. Overweight or obesity

  5. Chronic cough

  6. Constipation

In addition to the conditions above, there are factors that can increase a person's risk of suffering from hernia or hernia, including:

  1. Born prematurely or have low birth weight

  2. Having a family with hernias

  3. Experiencing increased pressure in the abdominal wall due to pregnancy

  4. Have had hernia repair surgery

When to see a doctor

Check with your doctor if you experience the symptoms of a hernia as mentioned above. Examination and treatment need to be done immediately if:

  1. Pain appears suddenly and feels severe

  2. The hernia lump changes color to purple or black

  3. Hernia lumps are painful and hard

  4. Difficulty defecating or passing wind

  5. Severe nausea and vomiting

  6. Fever

Administration of drugs

Administration of drugs can be done in patients with hiatal hernia. These drugs work to reduce stomach acid to relieve symptoms. Some of the types of drugs prescribed are:

  1. Antacids

  2. H-2 receptor antagonists

  3. Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)


Surgery to treat hernias can be done by open surgery or keyhole surgery (laparoscopic). There are several surgical methods that doctors can perform to treat hernias, namely:

  1. Herniotomy

Herniotomy is performed by making an incision in the abdomen to remove the hernia sac.

  1. Herniorrhaphy

Just like in a herniotomy, herniorrhaphy is performed by sewing the area where the hernia exits to strengthen the abdominal wall.

  1. Hernioplasty

In hernioplasty, the doctor will use a synthetic mesh to close the hole where the hernia exits.


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