Recognize Tuberculosis in Children

Recognize Tuberculosis in Children

Tuberculosis (TB) is a disease that can affect all ages, including children. TB in children occurs as a result of children inhaling the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis in the air. These bacteria then enter the lungs and can develop into other body parts, such as the kidneys, spine, and the brain.

Children affected by tuberculosis are most likely not to be infected by their peers but by tuberculosis adult sufferers.

When an adult with TB coughs or sneezes, the bacteria spreads into the air. At that time, the transmission of TB disease to people around both children and adults was stopped. Children who have weak immune systems have a high risk of contracting or developing childhood TB.

As a parent, of course you have to know more about health information. Symptoms of tuberculosis in children can appear differently in each child. The following are the symptoms of tuberculosis in children, including:

• The occurrence of fever is not too high for 2 weeks or more

• Weight loss for no reason or no change

• There is a lump in the neck area

• Frequent cough for more than 2 weeks

• Feeling weak, lethargic, tired and tired


Tuberculosis Infection in Children

TB infection in children is divided into two stages, namely:

Stage of exposure (exposure)

At this stage, children who have been infected with TB bacteria However, if the child's immune system is strong, the growth of TB bacteria can be suppressed so that it does not cause any symptoms in children.

In most cases of TB in children, infection only reaches the stage of exposure. If so, the child does not experience any complaints even though the results of the tuberculin examination show that the child has been exposed to TB germs.


Stages of active TB disease

If the child's immune system can't fight the bacteria from incoming tuberculosis, then the bacteria will multiply and cause tuberculosis.


Tuberculosis Examination in Children

Even though you have done a physical examination and a chest X-ray, there may be no signs of TB infection in your child. The doctor will perform a tuberculin skin test or a Mantoux test on the child to get a more accurate test result.

The Mantoux test is carried out to determine whether the child has been exposed to tuberculosis bacteria or not. If the tuberculin test result is positive, then the child may have been infected if the symptoms are supportive.

In addition to the tuberculin test or the Mantoux test, the doctor will also perform a sputum culture and a sputum culture examination to determine whether TB germs are present in the child's body, especially in the child's respiratory tract.


Tuberculosis Treatment in Children

The Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine is a vaccine to prevent tuberculosis and is a vaccine that must be given to children. It is known that after BCG vaccination does not mean that children will not be infected or exposed to tuberculosis, but the BCg vaccine can weaken and minimize TB infection so that the BCG vaccine can relieve TB bacteria if the child is exposed to Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria.

Currently, TB has found a cure that must be taken regularly and regularly in order to recover. Tuberculosis drugs should be taken for 6 months without interruption. Although the cure for tuberculosis has been found, for some people, resistance to certain drugs or other types of drugs can occur.

It should be noted that TB disease is also dangerous in children if not treated immediately, as it can cause lung buds or commonly called atelectasis, which is a condition where the lungs are filled with water so that air cannot enter and can attack the brain, which is called tuberculous meningitis.

Therefore, to prevent children's TB disease and strengthen the child's immune system by giving the mandatory vaccine (BCG vaccine), do not forget to also fulfill nutritional intake and be diligent in exercising regularly so that they grow strong and are not susceptible to other diseases.

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