Get To Know The Causes Of Kidney Stones And How To Treat Them

Get To Know The Causes Of Kidney Stones And How To Treat Them

One disease that is often complained about and can interfere with activities is kidney stones. Diseases with symptoms of pain in the kidneys due to stones blocking the ducts can still be treated medically. However, it would be nice if you recognized the causes of kidney stones so you knew how to prevent them. It is known that the pain caused can interfere with activities, and if left too long, the stones in the kidney canal can get bigger. The causes for the appearance of these stones vary, so it is very appropriate if you are here to find out the detailed causes.


causes of kidney stones that are often underestimated

If you know, the appearance of stones in the renal tract can occur due to trivial things. Kidney stones can be triggered by a lack of health maintenance and the consumption of the wrong diet. The following will review in full the various causes of kidney stones :

  1. less drinking water

The most frequent cause of kidney stones is a lack of water entering the body. while the majority of the body is water. As a result, meeting fluid needs on a daily basis is critical.If the amount of water that enters the body is less, the minerals in the body will easily crystallize. Therefore, if you don't want to experience kidney stones, you should diligently drink enough water every day so that your body's needs can be fulfilled.

  1. Excess salt consumption

The next cause of kidney stones, besides consuming less water, is the large consumption of salt. Therefore, as a preventive and treatment measure, it is usually recommended to reduce the use of excess salt and avoid consuming foods high in salt. For example, preserves, canned foods, and bread Foods that contain high levels of salt can increase the risk of forming calcium stones in the kidney tract.

  1. Excessive Consumption of Animal Protein

To meet the body's protein requirements, you must consume animal protein. However, if this protein is consumed in excess, it can be a cause of kidney stones. Red meat and shellfish are two types of foods that contain a lot of protein. If both are consumed in excess, they will increase uric acid, increase the acidity of urine, and reduce citrate content. You should be aware if your uric acid levels rise because this can lead to joint pain. It can, however, be a cause of kidney stones.

  1. Excessive oxalate consumption

Kidney stones in the kidneys and their ducts vary in shape according to the type of mineral that forms them. The most common type of kidney stone is a stone that is a mixture of oxalate and calcium that will react and unite when urine is produced. The cause of this type of kidney stone is due to excessive consumption of oxalate compounds. This compound is easy to find in foods such as spinach, beets, nuts, star fruit, and so on. There is no prohibition against consuming these foods. However, it would be better if you consumed these foods along with foods that contain high amounts of calcium. This is because calcium can help the body process oxalate and bind it with calcium during digestion so that it does not settle in the kidneys.

  1. Consumption of Certain Drugs

Not only because of the consumption of certain foods that contain compounds that trigger kidney stones, kidney stones can also occur due to the consumption of certain drugs. Examples are antibiotic drugs, drugs for HIV, diuretic drugs, and so on. These drugs also have the potential to cause stones in the kidney tract.

  1. Certain medical conditions

The next cause of kidney stones is due to certain medical conditions. For example, type 2 diabetes, gout, and hyperparathyroidism For prevention, you really have to live a healthy lifestyle and diet because the emergence of this disease is the result of your negligence in maintaining these two patterns. primarily in maintaining a healthy diet.

  1. Digestive Problems

The appearance of kidney stones can also come from digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease and ulcerative colitis. Disorders that arise in the digestive system can cause diarrhea and reduce the frequency of urination. If the level of urine that comes out is not as high as usual, the body can absorb more oxalate from the intestine, which is mixed with urine.

Of the many causes of kidney stones above, the treatment method is actually not too difficult if you want to do it consistently and seriously. The easiest treatment, of course, is to consume lots of water. However, for people with kidney stones who also have a history of heart disease, they must regulate their intake of water. Because consuming a lot of water is also not good for the heart. The next treatment is to avoid foods that trigger the appearance of kidney stones. better consumption of healthy and balanced food that is good for the body. Another treatment is medical action. You can use kidney stone laxatives or surgery to destroy the kidney stones.

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