Why is a school readiness test needed?

Why is a school readiness test needed?

School readiness test is a process of activities aimed at knowing the skills possessed by the child and the maturity of the child's development. This school readiness test can help mom and dad to be able to know the various aspects of growth that exist in the child, which is most important in supporting his learning activities in the classroom. The aspects that can be recognized are basic skills, skills and maturity.

A child's readiness to enter school is related to the abilities that exist in the child to be able to complete tasks and roles in school, such as language skills, cognitive skills, growth of aggressive motor skills and fine motor skills, emotional growth and personal independence.

Cognitive skills must be recognized in order to see the child's intelligence, ability to master commands, and to get an idea of the child's ability to read and understand letters. Aggressive motor skills are related to the child's liveliness, and the child's ability to sit quietly in class. Fine motor skills, on the other hand, are needed by children in relation to their ability to write and complete daily activities.

"because to enter school is not only fluent in writing, counting or reading, mom and dad"

In addition to cognitive and motor aspects, there are social-emotional aspects and independence, where children are required to be skilled in regulating emotions, be able to establish relationships with the social environment and be able to make efforts on their own without asking for help from others.

Therefore, these aspects must be optimized first so that children are truly ready for school. If not, there will be obstacles when entering elementary school.

Don't let parents feel that their child's school readiness is mature, but in reality there are still aspects that need to be re-optimized in children.

Therefore, an elementary school readiness test needs to be conducted to determine the maturity of the child by assessing several aspects mentioned earlier. In addition, intelligence tests can also be conducted to determine the cognitive abilities of children. Thus, from this elementary school readiness test, information can be obtained about the child's self-development and recommendations whether the child can be said to be mature to continue education to the elementary level or not.   

This can be done with professional help from a psychologist.

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