Leucorrhoea can be prevented and overcome

Leucorrhoea can be prevented and overcome

Vaginal discharge is a condition in which excessive discharge from the vagina can be divided into two types, namely normal or physiological vaginal discharge and abnormal or pathological vaginal discharge. Normal vaginal discharge is usually not a disease, and can occur in any woman with signs that the discharge is clear, odorless, colorless, and does not itch. Meanwhile, abnormal vaginal discharge has the characteristics of fluid coming out of the vagina that is not clear, has a rancid smell or is like rotten eggs, itchy and in large numbers.

Vaginal discharge that is not a disease usually occurs before and after menstruation, when a woman is aroused, during stress or it can also occur during adolescence before puberty. And these symptoms will go away on their own. The amount of fluid released is also small, unlike abnormal vaginal discharge.

Danger of Leucorrhoea
Vaginal discharge must be treated immediately, otherwise it can cause disruption of the pregnancy process. If not treated immediately, the vaginal discharge will get worse and can be transmitted to partners through marital relations.

Causes of Leucorrhoea
The cause of vaginal discharge usually occurs due to infection by bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. This is what causes abnormal vaginal discharge. Usually there is itching on the inside and the lips of Miss V.

How to treat vaginal discharge
Leucorrhoea can be prevented and overcome in various ways, here are some ways quoted from wolipop.detik.com for you to try.

Avoid wearing tight pants as this can cause the area to become damp and can grow bacteria. We recommend using clothes made of cotton.

Avoid using vaginal cleaning fluids because they can change the normal acidity of the vagina which can lead to infection and inflammation.

Clean the Miss V area from front to back to avoid the entry of bacteria and germs from the back area.

We recommend that you dry the vaginal area after urinating or defecating using a towel or tissue.

Reduce consumption of sugar and alcohol because it can increase the candida fungus that causes vaginal discharge.

Expand the consumption of garlic because it is believed to have natural antifungal properties that are very useful.

Expand consumption of yogurt or milk because it contains acidophilus bacteria which can maintain the balance of bacteria.

The problem of vaginal discharge is a classic problem for women. But most of them underestimate and take the problem lightly. If not treated promptly, vaginal discharge can be fatal. So first identify the type of vaginal discharge that you are experiencing. Immediately consult a doctor if you experience a serious vaginal discharge problem so that you can get help and treatment as soon as possible.

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