Benefits of Following Lactation Poly

Benefits of Following Lactation Poly

The process of breastfeeding is generally considered easy, although this is not always the case. There are many conditions that can make breastfeeding more difficult. In this case, the role of the lactation counselor is to deal with the mother's complaints during breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding difficulties can be caused by conditions of the mother and baby, such as sore nipples, infections in the baby's mouth, and low milk production.

The job of a lactation counselort is to help breastfeeding mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding. With the right support and information from a lactation counselor, breastfeeding can become easier.
Various roles of a lactation consultant
Breastfeeding counselors have various roles, from guiding breastfeeding mothers properly to overcoming breastfeeding complaints.

The following are some of the roles of a lactation consultant:
1. Are you breastfeeding properly?
In principle, the task of a lactation
counselor is to train mothers to breastfeed as well as to reassure and accompany mothers during the breastfeeding process. In addition, a lactation counselor can also teach you the correct breastfeeding position and how to increase breast milk.
2. Handling complaints about breastfeeding
As previously explained, lactation
counselor help with common problems faced by breastfeeding mothers, including sore nipples, babies not wanting to breastfeed, babies having difficulty gaining weight, breast milk coming out late, or lactation that is not smooth.

3. Description of the breast pump and how to use it

Lactation counselor also help mothers learn about breastfeeding aids, such as breast pumps, and how to properly store expressed breast milk so it doesn't spoil easily. This is very important, especially for mothers who return to work or activities outside the home.

4. Guidelines for taking supplements correctly

In addition, lactation counselor can also provide advice to mothers on how to care for babies who are ready to receive complementary foods during breastfeeding.

Choose a lactation consultant carefully.
When selecting a lactation
counselor, choose a lactation specialist who is certified, competent, and licensed to practice in the field, such as the International Board of Lactation counselor (IBLCE).
In Indonesia alone, lactation
counselor often work in hospitals. Some hospitals have lactation consultants on their medical staff to assist breastfeeding mothers.

Apart from hospitals, lactation counselor can also be found in maternity wards, doctors' offices, or in independent practice. Lactation counselor can also provide breastfeeding lessons for pregnant women.
A lactation
counselor is basically a medical professional who can help with a variety of breastfeeding problems. So, if you have difficulty breastfeeding, don't hesitate to contact a lactation counselor immediately so that your complaints are resolved immediately.











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