Benefits of Maintaining Dental Health During Fasting

Benefits of Maintaining Dental Health During Fasting

Fasting is a highly anticipated month for Muslims around the world as a holy and blessed month. During the month of fasting, Muslims are required to refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until sunset. However, maintaining dental health during fasting is also important.

Maintaining dental health during fasting can provide many benefits for overall bodily health. Here are some benefits of maintaining dental health during fasting:

  1. Preventing cavities

When breaking the fast, we cannot avoid consuming sweet foods or drinks. Sweet foods or drinks leave debris that sticks to our teeth. Before this debris combines with bacteria to form plaque, it must be cleaned to prevent cavities. Plaque is a sticky layer that forms on teeth and the mouth when leftover food and drink are not properly cleaned.

  1. Maintaining gum health

Brushing our teeth regularly can prevent plaque from sticking to our teeth. This keeps our gums healthy and protected from bacteria that can cause inflammation in the gums. Fasting can help reduce inflammation and bleeding gums caused by plaque. During fasting, we can also pay attention to consuming foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar or acid, which can damage our gums and cause inflammation.

  1. Maintaining heart health

Maintaining dental cleanliness during fasting can also help maintain heart health. There is evidence that there is a relationship between dental health and the risk of heart disease. If teeth and the mouth are not healthy, bacteria can enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation that can affect heart health.

  1. Helping nutrient absorption

Good dental health can help increase nutrient absorption by the body. With healthy teeth, we can chew food better, maximizing the absorption of nutrients contained in the food by the body.

  1. Increasing confidence

Maintaining dental health during fasting can help increase confidence. With clean and healthy teeth, we can smile more confidently and feel better about our appearance.

  1. Freshening breath

Bad breath is often associated with the condition of the mouth during fasting. This condition occurs because our mouth tends to become dry during fasting. When dry, leftover food buildup can cause bad breath. Regularly brushing teeth can reduce bad breath and make breath fresher.

To maintain dental health during fasting, make sure to keep teeth and mouth clean by brushing teeth regularly after suhoor and before tarawih, as well as using dental floss or mouthwash. In addition, reduce consumption of foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar or acid, and consume plenty of water. Also, make sure to regularly visit the dentist for dental and oral check-ups. By maintaining dental health during fasting, we can celebrate this holy month with optimal health and happiness.

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